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  1. MKS-Graphics

    PC Pre-S3 Social/Practice Hungaroring 28/01/20

    I'm going for #2 I think, since I am like 3-4 seconds off the pace of the Aliens.
  2. MKS-Graphics

    PC Mr Git Special event - 26th Jan

    I'm kinda happy I didn't get a spot, didn't really make for good racing. Crashing in the pitlane and during the single-file lap...
  3. MKS-Graphics

    PC Mr Git Special event - 26th Jan

    Guess i'll have to do with watching a stream then.
  4. MKS-Graphics

    PC Mr Git Special event - 26th Jan

    If at all possible; i'm up for tonight, so i'd gladly fill in for a spot.
  5. MKS-Graphics

    PC AOR Endurance - Circuit Paul Ricard 500km - 25/01/2019

    Still looking for a 3rd driver? I'd like to join up for a team. Also, need requirements when it comes to laptimes etc?
  6. MKS-Graphics

    PC Mr Git Special event - 26th Jan

    If possible, i'd like to sign up as a reserve :)
  7. MKS-Graphics

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, I'm Nick and i've been doing SIM racing games for a while, though never really fully committed to it. I used to race my ZX10R and Aprilia RSV4 before I switched to racing Supermoto. I raced one full season of the Belgium/Dutch Championship, but broke my back 5 months back during a training...
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Time Trial Thread

    Gamertag/ID: MKS-Graphics Number of Laps: 6 Hotstint Time: 11:42.948 Screenshot(s):
  9. MKS-Graphics

    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - League Info & Sign Up Thread

    Can you race regularly on Tuesday nights? Yes Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? Yes Have you read and understood the rules regarding Manual Rolling Start? Yes Forum ID: MKS-Graphics In-Game Name If Different: MKS-Graphics Steam Player ID: 76561198277778439...