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  1. Multi21

    Season 9 Round 7 - Canadian Grand Prix

    Very entertaining race, had a decent start but couldn't make much of it to get past matt, who then disappeared off into the distance. Great, fair and competitive racing with Levis, just a shame our strategies left me with a huge advantage towards the end! Well done on victory Matt and great...
  2. Multi21

    matt785shimmy/Multi21 monaco 'swimmingpool incident'

    Just to state, when he came along side I clearly left space as you can see in Mouse's video. Although when I tried to make the corner I hit your wheel and couldn't turn at all, I just went straight into you. I'll let the stewards decide, but the outcome doesn't really affect much. EDIT: Also -...
  3. Multi21

    Season 9 Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix

    Can't check it as I'm at work, but if you really think I deliberately rammed you off, take it to the stewards.
  4. Multi21

    Season 9 Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix

    I agree there is, but due to it being Monaco, I wasn't entirely sure of your location as I was concentrating on making the corner. I tried to leave room, clearly it wasn't enough as when I tried to turn into it I drove straight into you. If I had completely cut it I'd have got a penalty for...
  5. Multi21

    Season 9 Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix

    It was a very ambitious overtake, and while I did cut the chicane initially, i tried to turn in to make the corner and it wouldn't turn, thus going straight into you. While I didn't suffer extensively, if it wasn't for being relatively careful the remainder of the race and taking advantage of...
  6. Multi21

    Season 9 Round 3 - Bahrain Grand Prix

    Absolutely fantastic race, I don't recall ever having a race where I've been wheel to wheel for the entirety of it. Very clean racing from all of us I'd say, (aside from the penalty Matt received, that wasn't justified and needs removed!) it was incredibly tense and I really had no idea how it...
  7. Multi21

    Season 9 Round 1 - Melbourne Grand Prix

    Apologies, I've been so ill over the last few days that I've not been able to get out of bed. I'll be at the next, hope everyone had a good first race.
  8. Multi21

    PC Split 3 - Season 9 Car Selection

    Mercedes, bowt time we teamed up WinterZ!
  9. Multi21


    Austin Suzuka Spa...
  10. Multi21

    PC SIGN-UP THREAD - AOR F1 Leagues - Season 9 CLOSED

    ● Gamertag: Multi21 ● Nationality: Scottish ● Controller input: 360 Controller ● Would you race if the leagues are set up separately for wheel and pad users? Yes ● Would you race if the leagues are kept with both wheel and pad users mixed? Yes ● Pingtest result...
  11. Multi21

    Good season guys! Congrats Multi and Mercedes!

    A scouser can dream ;)
  12. Multi21

    Good season guys! Congrats Multi and Mercedes!

    Thanks guys, it was a great season with a lot of closely fought battles. I feel the championship was a little shallow due to Beyond's absence in the last few races, but nontheless I'll accept a second title! Nice to win the constructors again too, that makes it the double for Beyond and I...