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    PC Unfair penalty

    Platform + League: PC F7 League Coordinator: @HaiCo Date: 01/12/19 Members Involved: @Naizen @Oxygen Description: Oxygen try's to overtake me didnt leave me enough space on the entry and I got a unfair penalty for that. Evidence:
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    PC Round 10 - British Grand Prix [20/10/2019 - 08:00pm UK]

    My internet just crashed ... :( oh men I cant play with lte internet from my phone sorry ...
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    PC AOR PC F7 League - Main Thread

    hello guys :D
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    PC AOR PC AL1 League - Main Thread

    Okay , thanks ! :D have a good rest of the season all of you :)
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    PC Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [08/09/2019 8:00pm UK]

    I cant participate at the race because I'm on a birthday in the evening :( I wish u all good luck and have fun ! :) Even tho I didnt got a response for my switching too. :( But thats not the reason no worries. I hoped that I can participate the race but yeah, my family wants me to show up on the...
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    PC Main AOR PC F1 2019 Leagues - Main Sign Up Thread - Season 18

    Hi, I wanna switch from AL1 to the non assist league already told my coordinator @RebornDestroyer and told it @Maddog40 too. Gamertag: [DGRL] Naizen ● Nationality: German ● Assists used: Racing Line ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Do you accept that if you are fast enough to...
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    PC AOR PC AL1 League - Main Thread

    I wish you all good luck for the rest of the season ! :)
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    PC Main AOR PC F1 2019 Leagues - Main Time Trial Thread - Season 18

    Britian China: Needed to do this for league switching (I'm in AL1) @Maddog40 told me to redo the TT's
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    PC AOR PC AL1 League - Main Thread

    Hello everyone ! I hope you had a nice and wonderful day. I've got some news for you. I'll probaly change to the non assist league , because I'm slowly getting faster without them and drove the whole last race like that. Good to mention is that I got my best result like that! :D I already told...
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    PC HIGHLIGHTS - Best Moments

    Had a close call with Romain Feel bad for him. unfortunate had the same problem in round 8 :D
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    PC Round 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix [18/08/2019 8:00pm UK]

    Got a penalty last round.... cost me 3 places... holy moly but this time I had nice fights with @xllsimonllx ty for the nice battles I was hard some times but I hope it was fine :D
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    PC AL1 Australia Turn 9/10 Crash

    @xllsimonllx in my left right mirror you can see that you turned a bit into me but for me you still had enough space I dont know your view but it felt like that I could drive a bit more right but I didnt wanted to let pass 2 at the same time so I just let enough space for You can also see that...