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    PC ACC GT3 Season 4 - Tier 1 - Main Thread

    I'm pulling out of the rest of the season.
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    Closed ACC - Tier 1- Round 3 - Kyalami - Blue Flags

    I do realize when there's a faster guy behind me that it is beneficial to both of us to let the backmarker pass me (and I have, when Maczkowski passed me and my battle with Paleez at that point was over, I let Golz overtake me aswell as I knew he was faster and keeping him behind me would cost...
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    Closed T1 R3 L4 hit from behind by Oblit0r

    You're exaggerating the line I'm taking. I'm just pretty much following the same line as the 2 guys in front of us and would've stuck it to the inside and not run into the gravel pit. I agree that I wouldn't have hit the apex perfectly. The 3rd screenshot is right before I touch you. I even...
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    Closed ACC - Tier 1- Round 3 - Kyalami - Blue Flags

    It's all good, no hard feelings. Just something to take into consideration for next races.
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    Closed T1 R3 L4 hit from behind by Oblit0r

    I know there's a rule that the guy behind is basically pretty much always to blame, but you were on the outside line with @KrypticTMG on your inside, then mid-corner you decide to switch lines and cut back to the inside while I'm already committed to the inside line. I'm pretty much unable to do...
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    Closed ACC - Tier 1- Round 3 - Kyalami - Blue Flags

    I know you were faster, but that doesn't really matter. I'm in a battle with the guy in front of me and you're messing with my race. Like the last corner, if you didn't put your nose there I maybe would've been able to put my car alongside his car when approaching T1. You putting your nose there...
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    Closed ACC - Tier 1- Round 3 - Kyalami - Blue Flags

    ACC Tier + Round Number: T1 League Coordinator: @PALEEZ Date: 06.16.2020 Members Involved: @Greko @Chaves2121 @TPR_Commando Description: I kinda wanna put this out there without stewards handing out penalties to show how not to act as a blue-flag car. No hard feelings in the end. [email protected] was...
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    Closed T1-R1-Lap 1- Drove into me w/"@Oblit0r"

    100% my fault. No excuses, sorry to everyone involved who took damage from that. Thought it was clear so moved over to the outside of the 2 cars in front, but obviously it wasn't clear and I took you out and caused carnage. I deserve whatever penalty is coming.
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    PC AOR ACC GT3 League - Sign Up Thread - Season 4

    Can you race regularly on Tuesday nights? Yes Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? Yes Forum name: Oblit0r Nationality: Dutch Speedtest Result:
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    PC IGTC Lambo social cup - main thread

    Team name: XXX Entry number: 998 Team mate: XX Question... what time does the race actually start for someone in the Netherlands? This CEST and UTC thing's got me confused, as 8pm UTC is 22:00 my time and 9pm CEST is 21:00.
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    PC AOR ACC S3 Feedback Thread

    I think this season went pretty well. I can't speak for others and I'm not that involved on these forums, but from my own experience the driving standards in tier 2 were pretty good. Ofcourse, **** happens and I've had some moment I'm not proud of either, but that's racing. No overly stupid or...
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Pro - Main Thread

    Thanks @Shooter80 and @krop for organizing and maintaining tier 2. Also thanks to all my fellow drivers for a good and fun season. Special thanks to my teammate @dakuza!
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    ACC Tier 2 - Round 5 - Start Pile-Up

    Not much to say, couldn't see the pile up in front happening from my pov, wasn't expecting the early braking, couldn't avoid the car in front.
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    PC Tier 2 Starting procedure

    I checked the replay and @SomeRandomTramp didn't seem to follow to rules the game sets as he was in the middle of the track. It's 100% not worthy of a DT tho, imo.
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    PC Tier 2 Starting procedure

    Penalties can be cleared, but afaik they won't do it. There's a /clear_all command one of the cods could type just after the start to remove DTs, I've been asking for this since these polls about a new starting procedure started. After the race they could then check if someone actually did...