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  1. OTG

    PS4 AOR PS4 F1 2018 - Evaluation Race #4 - Season 16

    Sadly we can no longer commentate on this session. Apologies.
  2. OTG

    PS4 AOR PS4 F1 2018 - Evaluation Race #4 - Season 16

    Myself (@OTG) and @Andy81287 can commentate!:)
  3. OTG

    PS4 Round 2 - Chinese Grand Prix [22/04/18 8pm UK]

    Still waiting for @Ollie_D631 to change his surname...
  4. OTG

    PS4 Round 2 - Chinese Grand Prix [22/04/18 8pm UK]

    Try my best, wasn't completely well so I'll do better but thanks fella.
  5. OTG

    PS4 Round 2 - Chinese Grand Prix [22/04/18 8pm UK]

    Quick side note for commentary. If at any point your name was mispronounced please do say so I can get it corrected going forward. If you haven't watched the stream back but reckon we probably got it wrong please just reply with it to ensure we get it bang on. Cheers lads.
  6. OTG

    PS4 Reckless going into the pits

    @FisiFan91 Our coordinator hasn't sent it in...
  7. OTG

    PS4 Reckless going into the pits

    Platform + League: PS4 F5 League Coordinator: @Philip_66 Date: 19/02/18 Members Involved: @pepper_F1 Description: Pepper comes out of the final chicane and pulls over the left of the track then brakes and swipes across me to go into the pits pushing me into the pits and ruining my race by...
  8. OTG

    PS4 AOR F5 Round 16 - Japanese Grand Prix [ 18/02/2018 8PM UK ]

    Great start, then @pepper_F1 ruined my race really by break checking me into the pits (going to the stewards), I got to the front and was going to win until this broken **** tip of a game caused me to lose the race at the hairpin by throwing my car in the air. Not really sure why I bother.
  9. OTG

    PS4 AOR F5 Round 14 - Singapore Grand Prix [ 28/01/2018 8PM UK ]

    A note: PSN servers are down, what is the likelihood of us racing as other tiers are looking unlikely.
  10. OTG

    PS4 AOR F5 Round 12 - Belgian Grand Prix [14/01/2018 8PM UK]

    I won’t be able to attend sadly. Last minute plans.
  11. OTG

    PS4 AOR F5 Round 11 - Hungarian Grand Prix [07/01/2018 8PM UK]

    Reason I dropped so much when I was second and spun was a dead leg which ruined my concentration. Great scrap.
  12. OTG

    PS4 AOR F5 Round 10 - British Grand Prix [17/12/17 8:00pm]

    Q - 14 R - Up to 3rd then I got kicked from this crap game 3 times so I just gave up. I could of won with my pace and the strategy of S-SS. In one lap I went from 14th to 3rd. Feeling robbed and sick of this game. Honestly so pissed off right now with this crap that’s ruined my chances of a win.
  13. OTG

    PS4 AOR F5 Round 10 - British Grand Prix [17/12/17 8:00pm]

    Any news on when on when we'll have the standings updated?
  14. OTG

    PS4 AOR F5 Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix[10/12/17]

    Q: Pole R: 3rd Only got myself to blame, Vannos' jump start kinda put me on the back foot from the start and some silly errors dropped me to 3rd. Shame I couldn't convert for the win but still some good signs heading into next week. Congrats Fabri on the win and @Senaattori on P2
  15. OTG

    PS4 AOR F5 Round 8 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix [03/12/2017 8:00PM]

    I race that I could’ve done so much better with. Lap 1 I just decided to not brake, did the same on lap 4. From 5th to lastcand back up to 4th. 3 pitstops and fastest lap. A race of what ifs.