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    AOR Pro Rally Championship - Media Thread

    Well... Things didn't go so well recording wise, stages 1-5 are skippy, laggy messes. Will probably stream in low just to be safe next round. anyway, this was my best round by far given that I AcTuAlly BeAt SoMeoNe! Stages 1-3 were cleanish with stage 4 having to drive half the stage with barely...
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    I hate snowbanks...

    I hate snowbanks...
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    AOR Pro Rally Championship - Media Thread

    The entirety of my rally Sweden including replays.(AOR PRO SEASON 3)
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    AOR Pro Rally Championship - Discussion Thread

    just did the rally, got a puncture on the first stage :sour:. Still, I think I did alright for my first league event. :D
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    colin mcrae rally 2 <3

    colin mcrae rally 2 <3
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    AOR Rally Leagues - Sign Up Thread (Season 3)

    Platform: [XB1] Do you understand the league regulations:[yes] RaceNet ( username (important to be correct): [OwenG45] @Race Fanatic my name for race net (I fought it showed up as owigetime but its actually this. :facepalm:) Nationality: [United Kingdom] Car: [Ford Focus RS Rally 2001]