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    Moved AOR Tier 3 Season 21 Silverstone Lap 6

    I don't have a video of my POV, but I didn't get any damage from the incident.
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    Moved [PC,F4] T1 Collision

    Sorry I didn't see the thread earlier. Here's my POV:
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    PC Round 11 - Austrian Grand Prix [22/11/2020 8:00pm UK]

    should've asked for a backup invite...
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    PC Round 8 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix [1/11/2020 8:00pm UK]

    Hey, I won't make it this week.
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    Moved PC F4 - Vietnam - Setting laptime after quali was finished

    This was completely unintentional from me. I left the pits too late and knew instantly I wouldn't make it so when I crossed the line my engine was on lean and ERS was turned off. I decided to cross the line so other people wouldn't have to wait for my car to drive in the pits. Obviously when I...
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    PC AOR PC F4 League - Car and Number Selection Thread

    Numbers: 24, 30, 25 Cars: 1. Mclaren 2. Ferrari 3. Renault 4. Alpha Tauri 5. Alfa Romeo
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    PC Main AOR PC F1 2020 Leagues - Main Evaluation Race Thread - Season 20

    Evaluation Race #6 Qualifying Position: P7 Qualifying Time: 1:26.066 Finishing Position: P8 Other notes: I dropped to pretty much last at the start but it didn't affect my laptimes, I was in clean air for most of the race.
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    Moved [PC F5] pushed into pitlane

    Platform + League: PC F5 League Coordinator: @Pezi Date: 24.05.2020 Members Involved: me, @Dominiik18 Description: Dominiik and I went into the pitlane. He broke later than me and pushed me over the speed limit, giving me a 5 second penalty. Evidence:
  9. P1g3oN

    Moved [PC,F5] Blocked in qualifying

    Really sorry for this, I dont have an excuse. I did look at the minimap about at the end of the first sector and I even saw you, but I completely forgot. Sorry again, hope it won't happen again.
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    PC Round 8 - Australian Grand Prix [3/05/20 8:00PM UK]

    I also had a huge screen freeze, i was stuck for like 5 seconds. I crashed on lap 28, so If you should end the race before that I guess I would still finish?
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    Moved PC F5 Italy - Lap 3 Incedent between @gelbewand1989 and @P1g3oN

    I was following the line of the car ahead. I'd like to point out that the contact happened just before I looked behind. If you go frame by frame you can see that the camera starts moving to the right before I look behind. Also ignore my friend who decided to talk at the perfect time.
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    Moved PC F5 Japan penalty removal

    Platform + League: PC F5 League Coordinator: @Pezi Date: 29.03.2020 Members Involved: @P1g3oN Description: I very slightly cut the first part of the final chicane in Japan. The game gave me a 5 second penalty, I think I don't deserve anything more than a warning. Evidence: Sorry I was in...
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    Moved P1g3on protest

    We were desynced from the formation lap. On my screen we touched and I got teleported back to grid. That was the last time I saw you, we were so desynced you didn't even line up on the grid on my screen. My POV: I'd really like to see someone elses pov of the start, did deadbye and me drive...