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    PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Tier 2 - Main Thread

    I have thrown in the towel and quitting the game. Really looked forward to Road America being a track i know very well and also knew i could be fast having the worlds 2nd fastest TT time in Pcars 1 in the RUF. But Pcars 2 is just nothing like Pcars 1 and i simply cant get my head around how the...
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    PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Tier 2 - Round 3: Long Beach - 20.02.19 @8PM UK Time

    Im such an idiot for believing i could just meet up Tuesday on a new track i dont know with a stolen TT setup and be fast out of the box. But i do improve quite fast, so thats a positive to bring with me. First qualifying i beat my PB from the practice race with a whooping 1,5 sec. But i was...
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    PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Tier 2 - Round 3: Long Beach - 20.02.19 @8PM UK Time

    I am in the 20's. So better not get behind me, because i wont let you past, especially not you @AndrexUK . And i cant see **** because the glow from my racing line blinds everything, so dont try to overtake me. :LOL:
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    PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Tier 2 - Round 3: Long Beach - 20.02.19 @8PM UK Time

    Tried the track for the first time yesterday at the practice race. Quickly grabbed a setup from the time trials and tweaked it a bit. Experience would fix the rest - i thought. This track is gnarly and every corner is a deathtrap. Im still to complete a lap without crashing in some way...
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    PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Tier 2 - Round 2: Monza GP - 13.02.19 @8PM UK Time

    So when the misses were planning winter vacation and asked me about when, i obviously looked at the AOR calender to make sure we did the vacation on a week where we had to drive a horrible track. I saw Snetterton. Easy choice. Vacation booked and the calender is changed to Monza. Vacation cant...
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    PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Tier 2 - Brands Hatch GP - 06.02.19 @8pm UK time

    Was great to be back. Practiced a ton to just qualify 21st and had to find my jaw on the floor after. Damn you are fast! On the warmup i was told to put on lights. Could not remember what button i had it on so ended up pressing the menu button. Car went straight in turn 4. Thanks for the guys...
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    PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Tier 2 - Car and Team Registration

    Car registration Name: Papand Car: RUF.., Porsche 911 GT3 R Livery: Shield Motorsport #62 Team registration Team Name: Papanœþtør Drivers within Team: @ìn†erœþtør + @Papand Livery: Shield Motorsport #61 + Shield Motorsport #62 @Marvin @VoodooChild updated with team and new livery.
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    PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Tier 2 - Driver Introduction

    Im Dennis. A 34 years old Danish guy living in Norway with my wife to be and our 2 year old daughter. I work at LEGO Nordic within sales. My nickname is Papand, but i have also been known as D.Keller when driving for TX3. I have been on AOR since Pcars 1 GT3 season 2 where i won the Pro...
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    GT3 Setups

    Thanks for the tip @Archil
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    GT3 Setups

    Thanks for the setups @DiHeidi and everyone else posting here. 2 years since i raced and now trying to understand Pcars2 is quite a struggle, but this helps a lot! One of the big differences for me Pcars 1 vs. 2 is the extreme instability when entering corners in Pcars2. So easy to loose the...