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    Incident Sprint Race F3 S3 R6

    First of all: 1- I assume my guilt for the accident, it was my mistake that braking pass... I did not calculate well and ended up crashing into you. 2- I assume any type of sanction, because it was my mistake ... but although I asked you for chat at the end of the race, I apologize again here...
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    Mosport Lap 1 Race 2 Crash

    Date: Mosport round 5 Sprint race Members Involved: Alex A Schmidt and me Lap & Corner: Lap1 & T1 The pilot Alex A Schmidt, after having made a lap on himself, reverses when I'm going to overtake him on his right, hitting me intentionally. I think it's a dirty attitude, and not clean at all...
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    AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 3 - Sign Up & Info (Closed)

    #93 - Miguel Ángel Aranda Martínez @Petete_13 - SP - ART Racing SHH White- 268248 - 2301- A 4.99 - He leído y entendido las reglas