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    Official AOR Indycar League Interest Thread

    @ReconEagle @Wizard @Sean
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    XB1 GT3 S8 AM - ROUND 5: Laguna Seca - 6th Dec, 8pm UK

    Everything went well for me until it went very wrong haha. I only slightly clipped the grass coming out of turn 10 but it threw me into the wall. Massive damage so I had to stop for repairs, which took absolute ages and there was no way for me to come back so I decided to retire.
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    XB1 GT3 S8 AM - ROUND 5: Laguna Seca - 6th Dec, 8pm UK

    I somehow managed a 1:24.9 this morning, but never got even close to that a second time. I'm consistently doing mid 25s
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    XB1 GT3 S8 AM - Round 3: Algarve - 22nd Nov, 8pm UK

    Ah sorry guys, I completely forgot to tell you that I wasn't able to race tonight. Sorry @Gixer916er !
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    XB1 GT3 S8 Am - Round 2: Spa - 15th Nov 8pm UK

    Man that was frustrating. Because I'm so used to IndyCar, I assumed that everyone had to pit at least once. Well, apparently not. I was in second behind @Dalingo for a while and was slightly gaining on him. I boxed for fuel and the hard compound on lap 11. For the rest of the race I was waiting...
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    XB1 GT3 S8 Am - Round 2: Spa - 15th Nov 8pm UK

    Hey guys, Project Cars 2 needs an update. It's only 200mb, so it shouldn't take long but I thought I'd let you know. Didn't know @Whiskey Knights already mentioned it. Maybe I should read the thread first...
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    XB1 GT3 S8 Am - Round 1: Imola - 8th Nov 8pm UK

    Welp, that was disappointing... R: 8th I didn't qualify because this was my first GT3 and I wanted to take things easy from the back. Made up some positions and worked my way up in to P5. For a few laps I was really close to P4. I was lining myself up for an overtake and was right behind him...
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    XB1 GT3 S8 Am - Round 1: Imola - 8th Nov 8pm UK

    I can do some low 1.46, but my tires don't like it when I do that.
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    XB1 GT3 S8 Am - Main Thread

    That's awesome, I was thinking about something similar
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    XB1 GT3 S8 Am - Main Thread

    I just tested it without a button assigned, and I can confirm that it does automatically turn on the pit limiter. So if you're low on buttons, you don't need it. Still need to slow down in time though!
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    XB1 GT3 S8 Am - Main Thread

    I'm pretty sure that it will turn on the pit limiter automatically if you don't have a button assigned. Turning on the pit limiter does slow you down, but nowhere near enough so you still need to brake yourself.
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    XB1 GT3 S8 AM - Driver Introductions

    Hey, I'm Jos from the Netherlands. I'm 20 and I'm still a bit new to sim racing. Project Cars 1 is the first game I started playing without assists. I started my league racing career in early 2016 here on AOR. That was in the Formula Renault 3.5, and I got second overall with 1 win and a few...
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    XB1 Season 8 Time Trial Thread

    Gamertag: iPlatfoot Catalunya Lap time: 1:47.980 Laguna Seca Lap Time: 1:26.480 Assists Used: TC and ABS, both on low. Will probably turn them off when I feel confident enough.
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    XB1 Season 8 Sign-Up Thread

    Can you race regularly on Wednesday nights? Yes Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? Yes Have you read and understood the rules regarding Manual Rolling Start? Yes Gamertag: iPlatfoot Nationality: Dutch Automatic Gears/Racing Line: No Pingtest Result: