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    AOR iRacing GTE League Season 7 - Feedback

    Fuel cap? I am happy with the fuel cap but then last seasons didn't bother me too much. Anything that can be done to spice up the racing is more than welcome I'd say, if people have the opportunity to pit early to attempt a jump on the car ahead I think that always makes racing more interesting...
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    GTE Round 7 Road America

    Date: 29/07/2019 Members Involved: @Pretender & @VSR_NICK-NITRO Lap & Corner: Lap 1, Turn 8 Description: As it is the opening lap I was taking it easy to avoid any contact or incidents with other drivers. Going into turn 8 I see 2 cars making contact on the inside of the corner so I slow the...
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    AOR iRacing GTE | R7 | Road America

    Why do I even bother with this. People think it's all won in the first lap so nobody slows for yellow flags or an incident ahead, ruining the race of many drivers. :(
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    Coordinating Announcement

    Having only been here for 2 seasons I can see all the hard work and effort you put in to organising and running these iRacing leagues Stevie. You will be missed and hope you come back soon :)
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    AOR iRacing GTE - WILDCARD VOTE #3

    I've seen some good ideas being put forwards by other drivers in here, such as lower fuel so forcing more pitstops, which I think would make a change as most racing people do is 1 stop races at most. I do think having a full reverse grid would be a bad idea coming from an AM driver, as even...
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    AOR iRacing GTE - WILDCARD VOTE #1

    Belle Isle Donington Okayama Zandvoort
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    AOR iRacing GTE League Season 7 - Sign Up Info [Currently Closed]

    @Stevie I have updated my OP with car and team name (y)
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    AOR iRacing GTE League Season 7 - Sign Up Info [Currently Closed]

    Username - Pretender iRacing Name - Chris Yardley Nationality - British Car choice - Ford GT Team Name - Privateer Car Number - #93 Customer ID - 356144 iRating - 1598 Safety Rating - B4.99
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    Advice on buying a gaming PC for Project cars and other racing sims

    I'll have to keep an eye out for you in the 24hr as going off our PC2 pace we end up in the same split ;) what car you guys running? You racing under an AOR team
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    GTE League R9, L16

    Date:13-05-2019 Members Involved: @Pretender @Zonerouge12 Lap & Corner: Lap 16, Turn 14/15 . Description: I get a better run out of turn 13 than Flavien so come along side into turn 14 in which I brake earlier than normal allowing for the fact the two of us may run through the corner together...
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    Assetto Corsa: Competizione

    Good to see so many PS4 making the move over to PC, might end up racing each other just like old times (y)
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    Assetto Corsa: Competizione

    As a fellow Fanatec Mclaren Wheel owner :) I can tell you that from what i have tried on the game, which is very little due to VR issues, the rotary switches either side of the screen can be used for example increase/decrease TC setting. I also have the rotary knob (bottom left of the wheel) as...
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    PC ROUND 10 - Circuit of the Americas GP

    Ye had a spin coming out of turn 1, didn't hit the armco or anything but lost 2 positions. Was having to push hard to keep up with you to be honest, you 4 lambo's out front just ran away from the start of the race. Seemed a boring race as most of it I spent driving alone but at the same time it...