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    They are closing on 29th February, so be quick! Head to the League Forums for more information.

  1. Qélon

    PC AOR PC F3 League - Main Thread

    Unfortunately my pedals still act extremely weirdly which prevents me from racing properly atm. Because of that I have to step out of this league until I finally get the problem solved:sick:. Hopefully I'll be able to fix the problem in the next few weeks.
  2. Qélon

    PC Round 08 - French Grand Prix [2/12/2018 8:00pm GMT]

    Sorry won't be able to make it as my pedals act very weridly:sick:
  3. Qélon

    PC Prediction League (S16 F3)

    • Pole: 1:07.9 • Pole: @ramdrop • P1, P2, P3: @ramdrop , @Duppy , @Ian Bastein • Fastest Lap: @Haydn
  4. Qélon

    PC [16/11 20:00UK] Monaco 50% #FSC

    Put me as reserve pls.
  5. Qélon

    PC Round 05 - Spanish Grand Prix [11/11/18 8:00pm GMT]

    Quali: Purple in 1st and 2nd sector and P13 overall, dunno how that went. Race: Gained 5 places on the first lap but horendous tyrewear on the left front made me missing apexes like no tomorrow. After a few laps on mèdiums I finally got a rythm and was able to put in some decent laptimes. Maybe...
  6. Qélon

    PC Prediction League (S16 F3)

    Pole: 1.16.1 Pole Sitter: @Tom97HD Podium: @Julien2395 @Tom97HD @ramdrop Fastest Lap Holder: @ramdrop
  7. Qélon

    PC Prediction League (S16 F3)

    pole: 1:37,00 pole sitter: müller podium: ram, müller, skatie fastest lap: qelon
  8. Qélon

    PC Prediction League (S16 F3)

    china Pole time: 1:28,7 Poleman: @Müller Podium: @Müller @Tom97HD @Julien2395 FL: @Haydn
  9. Qélon

    PC Prediction League (S16 F3)

    Pole: Julien Pole Time: 1:25,731 Podium: Ram, Müller, Julien Fastest Lap: Ian Bastein
  10. Qélon

    PC Round 01 - Australian Grand Prix [30/09/18 8:00pm UK]

    Sorry to hear that, wasn't intentional, just took a bit too much speed into the corner and ran wider than estimated. Also sorry for @Kaneu999 who couldnt do anything at all. Rest of the race was probably the worst of all time in terms of pace, and aswell in terms of consistancy. Only positive...
  11. Qélon

    PC Prediction League (S16 F3)

    Pole Time: 1:19.3 Pole Sitter: @Leman P1, P2, P3: @Müller , @Ian Bastein , @Leman Fastest Lap holder: @Haydn
  12. Qélon

    PC Prediction League (S16 F3)

    Pressure is building:oops:
  13. Qélon

    PC [28/09 20:00UK] Australia 50% #FSCHYPE

    any car, otherwise reserve pls.
  14. Qélon

    PC Australia 50% @ 8PM UK Time | 27/09/2018

    @Lien Aitken and @iJokeri22 does one of u fancy swapping ur torro rosso for my sauber, as im going to drive that car in the league? No problem if u dont want aswell^^
  15. Qélon

    PC AOR PC F3 League - Driver Introduction Thread

    Hey guys, I'm an 18 y/o Austrian and I've been around in AOR since S12. I've always been in the Top-tier and occiasionally picked up 2 podiums(on which I kind of like bragging about:sneaky:) in Russia until I took a break for S15. Now Im back but this time with much worse pace than ever before...