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    PS4 Round 20 - Brazilian Grand Prix [26-1-2020 8:00PM UK]

    Not racing. Controller issue still persists. Continuing on from the last race thread, here to let the other coordinators or higher ups know that this A1 league had to move to discord because someone got banned from psn for their remarks. It proved to be the wrong move as others started taking...
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    PS4 Round 19 - United States Grand Prix [19-1-2020 8:00PM UK]

    20 or something mins before saying that I can't race is way worse than letting someone know that they were actually able to race a day after the race happened ;) . League managment is slipping a bit for ya :)
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    PS4 Round 19 - United States Grand Prix [19-1-2020 8:00PM UK]

    I wouldn't talk about who's late on what if I were you ;) .
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    AOR F1 2019 Classic Christmas Cup - Sign Up Thread

    Platform: PS4 Gamertag: Apiradical Region, league and split you race in in F1 regular leagues: A1 League
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    PS4 Pit entry incident

    Platform + League: PS4 A1 League Coordinator: @GameAholicFTW Date: 08.12.2019 Members Involved: @tomo8 and @TobyChanell Description: Originally I though tnock was at fault for trying to cut the kerb to get a better entry into the pits while velocity was parked on the kerb. Seeing the footage...
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    PS4 A1 Unsafe rejoin

    I should be able to upload it soon.
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    PS4 A1 Unsafe rejoin

    Surely amd was traumatized by this narrow escape, I didn't cut across the track or the racing line as you see mikey was not spun nor had I inflicted any damage to him because I slowed down quite fast.
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    PS4 The incident between me and Willo wolves. It's a racing incident but I forgive the person for making a wrong tough decision. One of the most notable examples: Vettel and Hamilton Italy 2018. All in the past now looking forward for the...
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    PS4 A1 AspiWilloArg Britain Incidents

    You went off on the kerb and off the track, then understeered into me. POV tomorrow
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    PS4 Reserve

    Looking for a place if available.