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    AOR iRacing FCCAF Round 11 (Races 21/22) - Virginia International Raceway

    Sorry guys, but I'm not home right now, so I have to skip the first one. Not sure about the second race.
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    AOR iRacing FCCAF Round 9 (Races 17/18) - Circuit Gilles Villenueve

    I have to skip today's race as well because we've recently moved into a new house and my computer is not yet assembled. So I don't have anything to play on. Have a good race guys.
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    AOR iRacing FCCAF Round 8 (Races 15/16) - Road America

    Hey guys, Sorry I won't be able to make it today. We are moving into a new house so there's total mess in the house at this point. Have fun on the race. Cheers, Roland
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    AOR iRacing Ferrari Challenge Championship And Ford - Sign Up & Info

    #17 - Roland Kutas - HU - Ferrari - ??? - A 3.53