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    Moved 10s penalty

    ok thx for the tag
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    @Tactician109 if it's possible to remove this again please...
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    PS APPEALING PS4 F1 @Head Steward if you see the 1st lap I get two warning from 2 collisions with other cars, these should'nt be taken into the corner cutting warnings count. I've never seen you guys take collison...
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    Moved Unfair Warning under Safety Car

    Platform + League: PS4 + F1 League Coordinator: @Casper24-F1 @Tactician109 Date: 11/09/20 Members Involved: @CodemastersF1 Description: Unfair warning that must be removed without a doubt as it was given under Safety Car. I can get promoted to P8 after the removal. Evidence: Time Stamp Stream...
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    PS AOR PS4 F2 League - Media Thread

    F1 2020 | AOR - Round 6: Spain
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    Moved Stupid warning removal

    Platform + League: PS4 + F2 League Coordinator: @PedroPMF Date: 10/12/20 Member involved: @SamGamerOfficial @Codemasters Description: It was tricky conditions on inters I go wide because I had a kick of oversteer and I never applied 100% throttle when I was outside of track limit and even...
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    PS Simo 0 fair-play F2

    That's ok, atleast you didnt touched me.
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    PS Simo 0 fair-play F2

    What can I say... First of all, I was right behind Guiggs and Simo and witnissed every single bits of what triggered all of this. Simo has no self control in himself, when he get slightly rear ended from Guiggs caused by a game lag as always, Simo lose his head and decides to screw the ****...
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    Moved Closing the door like nobody was there

    Has been more than 2 weeks of wait here, we'd apreciated a verdict soon. Thanks.
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    Moved Unfair Time Penalty

    @Head Steward ???
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    Moved Unfair Time Penalty

    No problem mate, I was lucky that I was really focused ahah
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    PS AOR PS4 F2 League - Media Thread

    F1 2020 | AOR - Round 3: Vietnam
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    Moved Unfair Time Penalty

    Platform + League: PS4 + F2 League Coordinator: @PedroPMF Date: 09/20/2020 Members Involved: @Guiggs @SamGamerOfficial @Codemasters Description: @Guiggs breaks super early in front of me and I manage to avoid a potential brake check by a hair in front of me, I had to go flick the wheel on the...
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    Moved F2 PS4 - SamGamerOfficial REALLY didnt want me to pass

    Incident 1: The squeeze was on the limit sure but I had the inside and the understeer I had trought that corner was out of my control, a bit optimistic going around the outside there. ;) Incident 2: In my view, I broke a bit to late, dirty air came into effect and I had very old hard tyres, I...