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  • Hi stevie just asking if you have seen my message on the forum about not making it to sonoma today? greetings kasper
    Kasper Thrane
    Kasper Thrane
    yaii got my work moved 1h i am joining sonoma
    When is season 8 GT3 for XB1 start? Are you waiting for PC2 to come out? Message me back if you can, thanks.
    Yes mate. If we started season 8 on the first game then it would overlap into PC2 which probably isn't good.
    Hey mate , 2 quick questions .
    1 - Can i join the S7 XB1 GT3 League Still ?
    2 - Is it fine that im in Australia . i have good internet speed.
    Two quick questions, so to quick answers:

    1 - Yes, you can still sign up
    2 - It will depend wholly on how good the connection is to a UK based server. We have a limit of 150 m/s to join our leagues otherwise the lag is monumental. So if it's less than that, you should be fine. :)
    Yo, just joined. Looking for some input on anything I might need to know, read or do to get started. Primarily interested in Project Cars leagues, let me know. Cheers!
    Most of the leagues have a time trial event to complete, so if there are multiple tiers of people, you're more likely to be placed in a tier where you're likely to race with people of a similar pace to you. :)
    I'll post as per the sign-up thread format here, just in case.

    Can you race regularly on Wednesday nights? Yes
    Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? Yes
    Have you read and understood the rules regarding Manual Rolling Start? Yes
    Gamertag: Althasil
    Nationality: English
    Automatic Gears: No
    Pingtest Result:
    Haha it's fine, no worries :)
    Very late timing. I'm hoping to sign up for the Project Cars GT3 league this season. I saw that sign-ups were due to close today, and have been spending time reading the rules and requirements.

    I've literally just gone to post my entry, but I see the thread is now closed (as of 30 minutes ago) until after round 1. I'm hoping that I still might be able to make my submission, but I understand if not. Rules are rules.

    Got some questions as I am new. Im interested in joining the US ps4 project cars.

    Are you the one I can ask about this leauge?

    I see its too late. Is there anyway to jump in mid season for practice for next season?

    It says its 8pm Wednesdays. What time zone is that?

    Is there any live "official" streaming of the races?
    Hello I'm looking to join a ps4 league anyway I can still join prefer gt but open to all classes
    Was wondering if its possible join the GT3 season PC under following circumstances:
    I am on vacation, so won't be able to do the time-trial runs untill the 1st of July.
    Availability, I work in aviation and am bound to my scheduelle. July I can attend the first 3 races but miss the 4th.
    The rest I wont know untill my next dutyplan.

    Thanks for you understanding and consideration
    The deadline is there for initial placings, to give the coordinators a chance to place people without having to constantly modify it.

    You can still sign up + do your time trial after the deadline, but we can't guarantee you a spot. As for your schedule, that's fine, just make sure you let your League coordinator know which rounds you can and can't attend.

    Hope this helps. :)

    I am new to online racing...have xbox one and project cars. Is there entry level league that I can join and specifics
    on how to do so? Thanks !!
    We don't have an entry level league, per se, but we do have the Formula Leagues, Radical Leagues and GT3 Leagues running at the moment for Project CARS. :)
    hi steviesq,
    i play on pc project cars.and my friend sugests to me this AoR racing to be member who nameis andrexUK.
    i would like to know how can introduce gt 3 league .could you help me for introducing gt3 league with ginetta that im using.
    Messaged you chap :)
    Hello... Is any chance to race tomorrow if I´m not singed yet??? :) I´m new at Project Cars, but racing in Forza for a while... I´ve been on same series as Blizzard was. But I still don´t know all I need to do to sign properly on X1 series... Thanks
    Heh I realised that :) It takes some time to do proper lap times and I came late from work... Maybe next week... Thanks for advices...
    Generic piece of advice: Check AOR as often as possible. If I rate your post informative, I've done what you wanted.
    Writer. Racer. Co-ordinator. I like to think I do at least one of those quite well.
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