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    PS4 ROUND 3 - VIETNAM GRAND PRIX - [SUN 20/09/20 8PM UK]

    Q: 13th (1.5s off my TT- Not happy) totally messed up s1&2, purple s3! R: DNF. Pitted lap 4 to try and undercut about half a dozen cars fighting in front and lapping quite slow. Was trying to make my medium tyres go to the end, then on lap 7 my steering wheel disconnected, which caused the...
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    PS4 PS4 F7 - Bob caused SC

    The incident happened at 40s into the clip....
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    PS4 PS4 F7 - Bob caused SC

    My wheel got disconnected, will upload my pov later!
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    PS4 ROUND 2 - BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX - [SUN 13/09/20 8PM UK]

    Quali. P8 (26.2) Race P2 (no pens) PB in quali but 0.6 off my TT. Race started steady, and overtaking isn’t easy on this game so pitted lap 6, managed to undercut a couple of drivers. Until then end it was intense, had a few great battles and due to a few incidents up front, meant I was in P2...
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    Q: P13 R: P11 very disappointed, had no spins or issues but stuck behind slower cars throughout, it is crazily difficult to get along side of the car in front on this game. Everyone’s driving that I saw was good and clean, so well done guys!
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    PS4 AOR PS4 F7 League - Driver Introduction Thread

    Hi guys, Rob 52 years old, van driver from England. I use a T300 wheel which is probably as old as some of you! Have raced in around 6 AOR leagues, so expectations are less than hope.
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    PS4 AOR PS4 F7 League - Car And Number Selection Thread

    1. Mclaren 2. Renault 3. Ferrari 4. Alpha 5. Williams Number 68
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    F1 seasons

    We have an opportunity now to keep the years / seasons the same...... we are in AOR season 20, the game and year 2020. If the short season after this was called 20a or 20s (short) for example then next year season 21 will match the game and year again, so on and so forth. Thank me later :)
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    PS4 AOR PS4 F1 2020 Leagues - Main Evaluation Race Thread - Season 20

    Brazil Quali P:11 (1:08.2) - high 07’s PB Race P:9 Medium/ Soft strategy 3 warnings (3s penalty) No spins or issues, setup didn’t feel great, seems to make a bigger difference on this game. Perhaps if we all used default I could have done better, maybe!
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    AOR F1 Staff Statement - Time Trials

    I can vouch for Donks, put him in the bottom league, he won’t be out of place! :)