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    They are closing on 29th February, so be quick! Head to the League Forums for more information.

  1. TheogGR1

    PS4 F4 - Incidents with Pasti

    Can you move this please @ELIT3_gam3boy
  2. TheogGR1

    PS4 AOR SEASON 18 F4 League - Main Thread

    You dont select a car, you get the car that is available for that race.
  3. TheogGR1

    PS4 F4 - Incidents with Pasti

    Platform + League: PS4 F4 League Coordinator: @ELIT3_gam3boy Date: 15-12-2019 Members Involved: @Ferhan_Racer2004 @ISRT_Pasti Description: Coming out of the pits and in to turn 1 I am side by side with Pasti, he brakes very late and goes off track while also forcing @Ferhan_Racer2004 off the...
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    PS4 ROUND 13 - BELGIAN GRAND PRIX - [24/11/19 8PM UK]

    Also not able to race today :/
  5. TheogGR1

    PS4 ROUND 12 - HUNGARIAN GRAND PRIX - [17/11/19 8PM UK]

    Not racing tomorrow, im going on a concert
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    PS4 F4 - Lapped driver trying to unlap himself and hindering me multiple times

    Platform + League: PS4 F4 League Coordinator: @ELIT3_gam3boy Date: 10/13/2019 Members Involved: @TheflyingBritt Description: Lap 9 sector [email protected] lets the 2 cars in front and myself pass as he had blue flag. Next lap he unlaps himself, fair enough even though I lost time because of...
  7. TheogGR1

    PS4 F4 Theo Incident

    I knew you were on the outside and I did try to leave room but I literally couldn't turn anymore. I didn't brake late so it wasn't me overshooting the corner. And I even went on the curb to try and leave more space on the outside. I was turning to the right all the time, even after the actual...
  8. TheogGR1

    PS4 Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix - [15/09/2019 8PM UK]

    Im out and might be able to make it back in time *Might not be able
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    PS4 PS4 F4 - Last lap incident

    Platform + League: PS4 F4 League Coordinator: @ELIT3_gam3boy Date: 26/08/2019 Members Involved: @Dynastics Description: Our cars get stuck and I end up in the gravel. It is mostly the games fault that we get stuck but I feel like this could have been avoided. He tried to force a move on the...
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    PS4 Main AOR PS4 F1 2019 Leagues - Main Sign Up Thread - Season 18

    Gamertag: TheogGR1 ● Nationality: Greek ● Assists used: None ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Do you accept that if you are fast enough to be placed in one of the top leagues you will have to race with no assists? Yes ● Are you committed to completing the whole season as an...
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    PS4 PS4 F3 Season 16 Awards Ceremony

    Best Qualifier @DemoN @FTR_SergiMtZ @APeeeX_EU Best Racer @F1_Dan @FTR_SergiMtZ @99Pipmatt Most Consistent Driver @FTR_SergiMtZ @F1_Dan @99Pipmatt Best Performance By A Driver @F1_Dan Monaco @DemoN China and Austria @Guiggs France :LOL: Best Overtaker @DemoN @JammyJames @F1_Dan...
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    PS4 ROUND 18 - United States Grand Prix [03/03/19 8:00 PM U.K.]

    No its ok. Will be home between 20:10 and 20:30 so better to just send an invite.
  13. TheogGR1

    PS4 ROUND 18 - United States Grand Prix [03/03/19 8:00 PM U.K.]

    Will most likely miss this one as I will be out for dinner and not entirely sure when I will be back home.