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    Closed Tier 7 - Round 5 - Lap 3 - Pile-up and aftermath

    Following cars #24 and #368. I saw the incident so I slowed down. I coudnt pass #368 from left as #24 was still there not controlling his car and #91 was comming from the left behind. I hit full brakes and waived to the right to soften the impact, hoping #368 to clear the path. Things have...
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    Closed Tier 7 - Round 2 - Lap 1 - #83 and #901

    League Coordinator: @NynS @aerosmudge Date: 11.05.2021 Members Involved: #83 T. Comaz @TomazComaz , #901 N.Hendricks @Noor Hendricks Description: I got hit by #901 in the end of first lap, causing me to spin and loose several spots. Evidence:
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    Closed Round 6 lap 6 lap 6 - turned around and ran over on last corner

    Well, there is not really what to say from my side. I was holding my line and #24 misjudged the situation which ended up with contact.
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    Closed Round 6 lap 9 - turned by late move

    I was going for overtake by taking inside line.Started braking at my standard reference point though. #78 closed the door, however I can imagine he couldnt see me if he is not using tripple screen or vr, and is not seeing all side mirrors and windows..In real life it would have been different...
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    Closed Tier 9 Round 3 Lap 5 - car turned into turn 1

    well, the visibility was close to zero.I was braking on a standard braking point, however wasnt able to stop as the cars battling in front of me were slower at that moment. was my fault though, should have lift off and brake sooner when I saw two cars side by side.
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    Closed Tier 9 round 1 lap 1 absolute carnage on the back straight

    Hey man, after I hit the standing car in the middle I ended up on the grass in a cloud of dust with no visibility..I was slightly on the throttle to move away from that carnage, assuming someone is doing the same in front of me. Then I spotted you standing there when we touched. I guess I could...
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    Closed Tier 9 round 1 lap 1 absolute carnage on the back straight

    I was right behind car #775 in the train..didnt see the flags as I was pretty close so I controlled the distance. After Ascari as @m0rpheus1975 had to suddenly move to the right , I spotted the standing car right in front of me and couldnt do anything..after that I flew and ran into cloud of...
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    PC AOR ACC GT3 League - Sign Up Thread - Season 6

    Hi,I've signed Up and am able to join the evaluation race on 3th. However I am not able to complete the hotstint this year. Is it possible to make the hotstint,next weekend on1st or second of january? I come from AOR ps4 leagues here and would like to switch to PC. Thanks
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    PS AOR ACC GT4 League - Time-Trial Thread - Season 1

    @TomasComas Zolder TT: 1:38:562 Brands Hatch TT: 1:33:261
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    PS ACC GT3 Season 1 - Tier 6 - Main Thread

    Do we have any details for the next race?
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    PS ACC GT3 SEASON Season 1-Tier1-Race-Laguna Seca [13/10/2020 7:30pm UK]

    Q2 P4 The beginning was prety wild! Got pushed in second lap, but managed to return to the battle. Really nice fight with G-strom in mid race. Otherwise just kept pushing and consistency paid off Here is the video of third lap. Hell that was a carnage! 3:19 was a gate to hell
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    PS ACC GT3 Season 1 - Tier 6 - Main Thread

    it was me man! could have been podium without that push but managed p4 aventually which is nice!
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    PS ACC GT3 season 1-Tier 6-Race 3 Kyalami [29/09/2020 7:30pm uk]

    I have a button for saving replays..It saves a short replay from a period about a minute before and after that moment