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    Closed T5 - R6 - Lap 1 - False start

    Firstly - No hard feelings at all @Fot79. The starting system in this game is good, but has its flaws - especially for those on the front row. My defence: Goes without saying, nothing was done intentionally to gain an unfair advantage. Fot was quite far ahead of the pack as we were forming up...
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    PS interest check

    Count me in. I'd prefer a Weds or Thurs evening before I get my head into the next ACC race, or early on in the window of the ACC break (26th-3rd June) - just not weekends for me.
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    AOR Modern - DiRT Rally 2.0 - Season 4 - End of Season Announcement

    Thanks, but I probably won't do any further DiRT events.
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    PS AOR LMP2 - Round 6 - Algarve

    Season done. I was happy with my AOR PCars 2 send-off race actually. Not my best result of the season, but I'm sure these things handle better in the wet! Not a single spin in quali or race which is triumph. Had @robnoxious9000 chasing me down in the early stages before the stops and then a lot...
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    PS AOR LMP2 - Round 6 - Algarve

    Project Cars 2 has its bugs, both frustrating and amusing, but it will always have a place in my heart for being THE game that got me hooked on sim racing. I jumped ship to ACC straight away, but found myself still wanting to race on this game - which is why I signed up for this league as one...
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    PS AOR LMP2 - Round 6 - Algarve

    I've struggled to get around in the dry this season in these cars! See what happens. I think @jam_my21 only needs to finish to take the title?
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    PS AOR LMP2 - Round 6 - Algarve

    Interested to see how these handle in the wet!
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    PS AOR LMP2 - Round 5 - le Mans

    That was a long one! My back suitably aches this morning :giggle:. Despite this probably being the most boring tracking the world to drive, I really enjoyed last night. Had a good race start and the first lap was wild, pulling a triple overtake on @1664stan, @GUNNERGAMBLE & @HTR_Kokete_712 on...
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    PS AOR LMP2 - Round 4 - Spa-Francorchamps

    Delighted with P5. Wasn't sure I would be able to hold off @Slicker with my extra 2 sec penalty, but held on. Probably won't see these heights again, so I'll enjoy it while I can! Well done podium!
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    Bug Reports

    Shop link is broken. Get the following error: 503 Service Unavailable The server is temporarily busy, try again later!
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    PS AOR LMP2 - Round 3 - Nurburgring Combined

    Well that's the worst I've ever driven on AOR. Had 1 decent out lap and every other lap I was smashing into the barriers. I'll just forget this week even happened.
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    PS AOR LMP2 - Round 3 - Nurburgring Combined

    I'm expecting to stop every lap :giggle:
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    PS AOR LMP2 - Round 3 - Nurburgring Combined

    Anyone could be on pole here!
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    PS AOR LMP2 - Round 2 - Monza

    Honestly, P8 flatters me! I think I had the slowest best lap time on the grid for the race! Missed all the carnage on the first couple of laps (timestamped here) and was running as high as P6 behind @GetMonnieNelson, but these cars do not reward the inconsistent and I think almost every single...
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    PS AOR LMP2 - Round 1 - Bathurst

    I've found how to fix my pedals, so will still be fighting for positions at the back of the grid for the rest of the season :)