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    PC Round 12 - British Grand Prix [29/11/2020 8:00pm UK]

    This game is a joke. I had to run the whole race on a lean mix, because I couldn't save any fuel.
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    PC Round 11 - Austrian Grand Prix [22/11/2020 8:00pm UK]

    Hitting the brake changed nothing, except that the car stopped. If I hadn't pressed the brake, the car would have flew in the same position, sideways to the driving line. The only thing to blame here is the game that didn;t make me ghost when I was turned sideways to the driving line.
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    PC Round 11 - Austrian Grand Prix [22/11/2020 8:00pm UK]

    Q P3 Good lap, but I thought the rain would stop at the end of the session and it would be possible to switch to a dry tire, but it didn't, so in last five minutes I did only one lap. R P8 Good start, I moved up to second place. In the first corner I was slightly hit by a Mercedes. Then I tried...
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    PC Round 10 - French Grand Prix [15/11/2020 8:00pm UK]

    This was the second race when I was sick and my pace was tragic. Now its confirmed - covid :( I'm feeling a little better now, so I hope to do well in the next race.
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    PC Round 10 - French Grand Prix [15/11/2020 8:00pm UK]

    I don't know if I will be able to take part in the entire race today, but I will try. I have had terrible back pain and a fever since the last race.
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    PC Round 9 - Canadian Grand Prix [8/11/2020 8:00pm UK]

    Generally, I didn't feel strong enough to race today. I was after two F2 races, my back hurt a lot. I'm gonna need a little rest. Q P7: I could improve to at least 3rd place, but the first row was probably not within my reach today. R P9: The start was average, but already at the first corner...
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    Moved F5 Mr Spinella

    Platform + League: PC F5 League Coordinator: @Polarhase Date: 08.11.2020 Members Involved: @GalaXxy Description: In the first corner he spins and instead of accelerating to get off the racing line completely, he hits the brake and he causes a big collision, where a lot of people destroy their...
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    PC Round 8 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix [01/11/2020 8:00pm UK]

    Q P2: I got in without any preparation, the pace was terrible, but somehow managed to get the second spot. I don't know where @MaestroHoffi got such a pace, but this is the time in split F1 or split F2 for P1. R P1: A very strange race for me. I started very well, took the lead. But the racing...