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    PS ACC GT3 Season 2 - Tier 6 - Main Thread

    Since we started to share our mistakes, here is the moment that made me ride almost the entire race on one set and make my way from the end of the pilleton. My imprudence and closed turn did their job)
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    PS ACC GT3 Season 2 - Tier 6 - Main Thread

    Hello everyone. A small summary of the season from me personally (and immediately excuse my English) For me personally, it was a season of pain and disappointment, starting from the first race, in which the game lag took the podium away from me) plus one departure per season is the norm) I rode...
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    PS ACC GT3 Season 2 - Tier 6 - Race 8 - Spa-Francorchamps [09/03/2021 7:30pm UK]

    We can see how Mr. P2 wins the championship without a single victory) This is a joke @BMTM_Shifter, no offense))) ;)
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    PS ACC GT3 Season 2 - Tier 6 - Race 6 - Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit [23/02/2021 7:30pm UK]

    I thought I was driving this track normally, but as it turned out, it was not good enough to fight for at least something.
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    PS ACC GT3 Season 2 - Tier 6 - Race 3 - Hungaroring[26/01/2021 7:30pm UK]

    As I understand there were many accidents, but I drove past them) almost) I think this race was cleaner than the first rain race last season for the last tier. You are all great! @KentFusag you are very fast here, congratulations! @mprietod good close ride. a little contact didn't change our...
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    PS ACC GT3 Season 2 - Tier 6 - Race 2 - Suzuka [19/01/2021 7:30pm UK]

    Nice race guys! Thanks to all. @BMTM_Shifter, I'm not angry for a small contact in R130, especially since I'm already afraid to keep repeats after Monza) Congratulations @CHRSMELLYANAN, too good!
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    PS ACC GT3 Season 2 - Tier 6 - Race 1 - Monza [12/01/2021 7:30pm UK ]

    Thank you all for a great race! It would be a great start to the season) I took the qualifier by winning 0.006 seconds from @CHRSMELLYANAN. Quite a calm race in which there was almost no struggle. But in the end what happened happened. When saving a replay, my game stuck and I flew through the...
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    Closed Tier 6 - Race 1 - lap 32

    ACC Tier 6 Round №1 League Coordinator: @CHRSMELLYANAN Date: 12.01.2021 Members Involved: @Valbuena39 Description: I want to write about a bug in the game that spoiled the result of my race and find out what can be done about it. On lap 31, the Ferrari roundabout decided to let me pass in the...
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    PS ACC GT3 Season 2 - Tier 6 - Race 1 - Monza [12/01/2021 7:30pm UK ]

    Maybe I missed the rule, but what about the formation lap?
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    PS AOR ACC GT3 League - Evaluation Race Thread - Season 2

    Disconnect let me down. I drove P5, but after the disconnect I ended up at the very end. Thanks to server 4 for the race)
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    PS AOR ACC GT3 League - Hotstint Thread - Season 2

    Gamertag/ID: Valbuena39_ Hotstint Time: 11:54.471 Laps completed: 6 laps
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    PS ACC Mixed GT Social Race - Monza 1hr 45 mins Poll

    @Hygrade B I'm sorry. I can't be at the race today.
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    PS AOR ACC GT3 League - Feedback Thread - Season 1

    What did you particularly like and dislike about the past season? What did you think about knowing the weather for all races before the season had started? Are you satisfied with our stewarding system? If not, what do you think could be changed? What is your opinion on the season 1 calendar...