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    PS4 F1 2016 - Australian GP - 50% social race [18/09 @ 8pm UK]

    Williams or Renault plz Ipro_x_woowaa
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    PS4 AOR F1 2016 Leagues - PS4 Sign Up Thread (Season 12)

    ● PSN ID: ipro_x_woowaa ● Nationality: English ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Assists used: racing line and auto gears ● Do you want to sign up for the Rookie league (TC/ABS allowed)? No ● Speedtest result: ● Pingtest result: I can't do a ping test as I dont own a PC or...
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    PS4 20/6/15 8:00 PM (UK) GT3 @ Nurburgring GP (Practice Race)

    Sorry Chris for taking you out pretty early on in the race, looking back at replay it looked like it would be a pretty sweet move but I couldn't get the car stopped in time, only a social race but I know it's still annoying as hell
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    PS4 20/6/15 8:00 PM (UK) GT3 @ Nurburgring GP (Practice Race)

    Cool thanks I will take a McLaren, ipro_x_woowaa
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    PS4 20/6/15 8:00 PM (UK) GT3 @ Nurburgring GP (Practice Race)

    Can I race with you guys or is this league members only
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    PS4 16/5/15 7:45PM GT3 @ Monza

    Sorry for late notice but I won't be racing tonight
  7. WooWaa

    PS4 16/5/15 7:45PM GT3 @ Monza

    I can't resist racing in these gt3 cars, to Much fun, put me down please
  8. WooWaa

    PS4 [11/05 8:45pm] GT3 Hockenhiem

    Yes please, ipro_x_woowaa
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    Project CARS Chat

    Iv had the same issue with my t500rs, happens at the starting line but then goes back to normal once iv slammed into the wall, apart from that I'm loving the game since i got the settings a lot better
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    PS4 09/05/15 - 8PM-11PM - Social Night

    Damn my bad, ipro_x_woowaa
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    PS4 09/05/15 - 8PM-11PM - Social Night

    I'd love to race with you guys if there's still space
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    [NEW] Merged GP2 League

    Sorry about this but I did say i had quit 2014. I will be back for the next game but I still havnt managed to finish a race on 2014 and decided to give up trying lol
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    PS3 - Season 9 - F3 - Round 4: Chinese Grand Prix - Thursday 4th December - 20:00

    Well thats me done with this game, 1st time I get to start a race this season and I get smashed off the track twice, I'm hoping it was down to lag, at the start I got away quicker than joefors but he rammed me off track smashing my wing, after i eventually caught upto funtex (I Think) I went to...