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    XB1 ROUND 15 - BRAZILIAN PRIX [05/08/18 8.00PM]

    Again my game is broken now. I’ve tried everything and it won’t work. Thanks for the league and sorry @Chris Leather
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    XB1 Round 13 - Japanese Grand Prix [22/07/18 8.00pm]

    My game isn’t working again. I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, I don’t know what to do but I won’t be racing tonight
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    XB1 ROUND 12 - MALAYSIAN GRAND PRIX [15/07/18 8.00PM]

    @Chris Leather My game is not loading on Xbox so I can’t race. I will try again next week but I don’t know if it will work. Sorry
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    XB1 Round 10 - Singapore Grand Prix [24/06/2018 8.00PM]

    Internet is just died. 4G can’t hold 31 laps so I can’t race. Getting it fixed tomorrow
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    XB1 Round 9 - Italian Grand Prix [17/06/2018 8.00PM]

    Hi there. I won’t be able to race tonight as I have a big track race irl (800m). Thanks
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    XB1 Xbox Hungary assist F2

    Thanks I changed it now
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    XB1 Xbox Hungary assist F2

    Sorry I didn’t what you asked.
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    XB1 Xbox Hungary assist F2

    I cannot do that. I do have a POV from the driver behind me though
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    XB1 Xbox Hungary assist F2

    Near beginning
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    XB1 Xbox Hungary assist F2

    Xbox league assist 2 @Chris Leather 27/05/18 @XJSPD11 @BIKER7202 I was going for an overtake on the inside to be outside after t1 when I was pulling alongside biker and he just put me into the wall.
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    XB1 Xbox Britain assist F2

    XBOX ASSIST F2 @Chris Leather 20/05/18 @XJSPD11 (Me) And @wringlingwozza16 Went for an overtake down straight and he hit me off the track defending Footage here
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    XB1 Round 4 - Bahrain Grand Prix [06/05/18 8.00pm]

    Sorry again. I can’t race as we are away as it’s bank holiday. Sorry