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    PC Social race Australia 11th of July

    Added you on steam.I'd like to take the Renault.
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    PC F1 2020 Social Test Race [09/07/20 08:00pm UK] - 50% Australia

    Some not ilegal engine this year please!(Ferrari)
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    PC F100% Social Event [19th-21st June]

    Sounds fun! Car list: 1.Ferrari 2.Haas 3.Racing Point
  4. ZaneFast

    PC [29/05 20:00 UK] Austria 50%

    Racing with a point pls
  5. ZaneFast

    PC #RacingForLou France [28/05/2020 20:00 UK]

    I am sorry about your loss. Count me in for this race.
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    PC FRIDAY Canada Practice [22/05/2020 20:00 UK]

    Racing for no point
  7. ZaneFast

    PC Wednesday Canada Practice [20/05/2020 20:00 UK]

    Racing with a point pls
  8. ZaneFast

    PC [15/05 20:00 UK] 2 Carnage 2 Cup

    Put the 2018 f2 cars because of Hubert and Correa
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    PC Round 8 - Australian Grand Prix [03/05/2020 8:00pm UK]

    Well,for me it was one of the unluckiest races ever.Got a good start , but got a little bit sandwiched by a Renault and my teammate at the start beacuse it's impossible going three wide in the first corner, so I backed up , but in the middle of the second corner it felt like I was spun by the...