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  1. AlienBamz

    PC AC Formula 3 Season 1 League Sign Ups Thread

    Can you race regularly on Monday nights at the provided time? Yes Have you read and acknowledged the AOR league rules and league information? Yes In-Game Name: Bamz Nationality: USA Steam Player ID: 76561198281066019 Speed Test:
  2. AlienBamz

    PS4 Assist AOR PS4 F1 2018 Leagues - Assist Sign Up Thread - Season 17

    I’m pretty late on this but if you need a reserve driver or anything I’m available. ● Gamertag: bamaman48 ● Nationality: USA ● Assists used: ABS, TC, Auto Gearbox ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? [Yes] ● Are you committed to completing the whole season as an active member of the...
  3. AlienBamz

    AOR Touring Car Championship Season 5 - Sign Up - Now open

    Team Name: J&I Racing Car: 2014 Audi Driver 1) AlienBamz #8 Driver 2) WhiteyMctidey #101