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  1. Edd1e360

    Tyres pressures

    Ok now im getting confused as im trying out some pressures on Catalunya. i Set the pressures at something and below this it shows the warm pressures at approx temp but when i started the race they where something different, around 1,9. i restarted the session did nothing to the pressures and now...
  2. Edd1e360

    so many functions so little buttons

    I know this is impossible at the moment and no extra keyboard can be plugged but i was wondering if i set up seat leaning, up/down etc then set up my car and unassign the buttons will the seat position be saved for the future in that view or how does that work?
  3. Edd1e360

    XB1 GT3 Semi-Pro Season 7 - End of season

    First of all thanks to AOR for an excellent online league, amazing experience from my first ever online racing league. Was easy to get to know the rules, regulations and league format. And also very good job from the coordinators. Owned the game since 18th February and got of flying in the game...
  4. Edd1e360

    XB1 GT3 Semi-Pro Season 7 - Online streamers?

    Do we have anyone in our Tier 3 that has online streams of our races if so let me know your twitch/youtube usernames and ill add autohost on you on twitch as i cannot stream for the moment.
  5. Edd1e360

    Former kart driver

    Hi! Edd1e360 here, ben involved in motorsports my whole life, father drove rallye before i was born and when i was 8 i started with karting, 10 years drove my first championship in North Sweden (placed 5th) second and third and fourth year i won the championship, only Swedish driver to have...