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  1. Cpt.JJ

    Resolved Username Change

    CaptainFalcon89 -> Cpt.JJ Please
  2. Cpt.JJ

    My journey through Smash

    Hi Guys, As mentioned earlier this month I will be keeping you updated with my progress in Smash Bros this topic will be used for said purpose. I am already bracket performance in the Midlands while improving in London. This weekend sees me travel to Insomina57 and to where it all began, but...
  3. Cpt.JJ


    Hi guys CaptainFalcon89 here, After racing and being around this site for 5 years, it's with deep sadness to announce that I am leaving this community and also to retire from racing with immediate effect. It's been amazing to think I have been here for so long and have shared some great...
  4. Cpt.JJ

    It's been fun

    As many of my colleagues on the PS3 side have probably figured out, the last race on Thursday was meant to have been my last race until I decided to do a social race tonight that went well and was as quick as I have been throughout the later part of this season. It is with great sadness that I...
  5. Cpt.JJ

    PS3 Thurs F1 Korea Incident Lap 7

    Platform + League: PS3 F1 Date: 07/08/14 Members Involved: C-Falcon89 + Jamsteri10 Description: I had made my pitstop and made a fair overtake on Jamsteri at turn 3, but he turned into me and almost caused a collision and then I managed to do an overtake on him properly at the next corner and...