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  1. Escavudu

    PS3 - F1 Thursday - Round 16 - Russian GP - 26/03/15 - 8.00pm

    Hopefully getting my internet connected at some point today, unsure as yet whether it will be done before the race tonight but fingers crossed! I will post near the time as I'm 50/50 at the moment.
  2. Escavudu

    PS3 - F1 Thursday - Austrian GP - 15/01/15 - 8.00pm

    Apologies for the late notice. I any make the next 2 races but will return after that. I have notified coaches already. Have good racing. Escavudu.any ** can't.
  3. Escavudu

    PS3 - Season 9 - GP2 Thursday - R2: Malaysia GP - 20/11/2014

    Had a reasonable quali 3rd Got kicked in the race.. Apologies to indrek for contact on last turn, I wasn't expecting the cutback inside and just had nowhere to go as was tight to kerb and happened too quickly.
  4. Escavudu

    PS3 - Season 9 Participation(F1 2014)

    Season 9 participation yes/no: yes Which day Thurs/sun or both: thurs Assists if any: no assists
  5. Escavudu

    PS3 - Season 8 - F3 - Main Thread

    Welcome spuddyracer, hope you have some good racing and help keep the numbers up!
  6. Escavudu

    PS3 F3 - Round 8: German Grand Prix [22/06/2014 - 7:45PM BST]

    Q:2nd...... R:2nd...... Was not happy to see the wet quali, but glad to see the race was going to be dry. To my surprise was fastest in quali until sakis beat my time right at the end to take the pole, was very tight!!..... Race start was ok, but cal made a good start and passed round the...
  7. Escavudu

    PS3 [ 05/06 - 8pm ] 50% @ silverstone

    Room for one more?? Merc unless Ferrari comes available
  8. Escavudu

    PS3 F3 - Round 5: Spanish Grand Prix [25/05/2014 - 7:45PM BST]

    Q:9th..... R:9th..... Times were tight again in quali, not much more than a tenth between 5/6 of us, ending up 9th wasn't great but saved some tyres in case of dry weather. Race start was good, made a few places in the first couple of corners and joined the train for a few laps until the...
  9. Escavudu

    PS3 F3 - Round 4: Bahrain Grand Prix [18/05/2014 - 7:45PM BST]

    Q:4th..... R:dsc..... Had a good run in quali, have struggled to get quali pace so far but this was a better track for me. Race start was ok, just managed to avoid the pit wall after some squeezing and got through turn 1 losing a couple of places. Race pace was looking decent and I started to...
  10. Escavudu

    F3 - Race Start Time Poll

    Earlier would be trickier for me. If we get lobby sorted early and start bang on 8 or even 7.45 could maybe be ok.
  11. Escavudu

    PS3 - Season 8 - F3 - Host thread
  12. Escavudu

    PS3 - Season 8 - F3 - Car Selection Thread

    Ferrari please, teamin with coaches.
  13. Escavudu

    PS3 GP2 Sunday - Round 19 - Brazilian Grand Prix - Sunday 30th March

    Qual:6th Race:3rd(5th) Had a decent run in quail, only did two runs to save some tyres depending on the rain situation. Also it was so tight in front i thought their is no room for one more car on that same tenth, was ridiculously tight and don't think i could have got into the 09.4's. Race...
  14. Escavudu

    F1 2013 - PS3 Leagues - Season 8 - Sign Up Thread

    Current league: GP2 Sunday------ PSN: Escavudu------ Season 8 availability: sunday only----- Simultaneous classic championship: no------ Required assists: none..... Preferred assists: none------ Further comments: removable of race line for gp2 would be better.
  15. Escavudu

    PS3 GP2 Sunday - Round 18 - United States Grand Prix - Sunday 23rd March

    Q: 1st---- R: 3rd---- Made a good lap in quali, I think the fastest I've been online so was happy and retired after second run as I knew I couldn't go quicker. ---- Race got off to a good start just heading meanbean and coaches into turn 1. Led the race for a few laps and started to gap the...
  16. Escavudu

    PS3 GP2 Sunday - Round 16 - Indian Grand Prix - Sunday 9th March

    Q:3rd----- R:2nd----- Quali was very tight, the first 5 within a couple of tenths, was going to be a tight race. ---- Race start was good and got off the line well, unfortunately locked a wheel into turn one and tapped coaches (very sorry for that) and we both lost a couple of places. Reda and...
  17. Escavudu

    PS3 GP2 Sunday - Round 15 - Japanese Grand Prix - Sunday 2nd March

    Quali:1st---- Race:dsc---- Just managed to take the pole from coaches right at the end, was very close. ---- A good start and got away into the lead, held on through the pitstops and managed to build a 5 second gap to banana who was pushing hard and putting pressure on me the whole time. Got to...
  18. Escavudu

    GP2 Sun Main Thread

    Welcome to the league reda, it's good we're getting close to a full grid again.
  19. Escavudu

    Penalty removal application korea gp2 turn 1

    I can't confirm which car gave me the touch into turn 1 for definite, I can only assume it spurred from the accident between mvunited and banana, no one else was close. I was alongside the Ferrari of United when this incident occurred as seen in the mirrors of bananas video and was touched from...