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  1. Mcquiz95

    PS4 F7 Bahrain terrible racecraft.

    Platform + League: PS4 F7 League Coordinator: @Limaro_83 Date: 21/04/2019 Members Involved: Mcquiz, @Renner9, whoever else hit me Description: At the start I took an outside line and was squeezed right to the edge by the cars on the inside. So I had to go through turn 2 quite cautiously and not...
  2. Mcquiz95

    PS4 F7, Britain, taken out

    Platform + League: PS4, F7 League Coordinator: @RobKite Date: 16.12.2018 Members Involved: Mcquiz95, @Tommytherod Description: I was driving down the start finish straight with @Tommytherod close behind me. Just before reaching turn 1 I checked the rear view camera and he was all over my...
  3. Mcquiz95

    PS4 F6 Dirty Driving

    Platform + League: PS4, F6 League Coordinator: @washy03 Date: 27/05/2018 Members Involved: I & @Donks Description: In one lap I got pushed/punted off the track 3 times by @Donks . I can accept that one of those incidents may have been unintentional, maybe even 2 but certainly not all three. I...
  4. Mcquiz95

    PS4 Unfair corner cutting penalties Suzuka

    Platform + League: PS4 AOR Classic Christmas Cup Tier 2 League Coordinator: @alexukr Date: 20.12.2017 Members Involved: Mcquiz95 Description: My tyre blew suddenly because of excessive tyre wear and approaching the final chicane the car was not controllable. Took the corner as properly as it...