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  1. TLR FlocKz

    XB1 LongBeach incident Touring Cars

    Platform + League: XB1 - Touring Cars League Coordinator: @willyblackhamer Date: Wednesday 21st August Members Involved: @Shnoo80 Description: @Shnoo80 runs deep into turn 3, I don't think i hit him but it was close, he then doesn't make an attempt to make turn 4/5 leaving me pritty much no...
  2. TLR FlocKz

    Logitech G920 settings

    Does anyone have any good settings for a Logitech G920 because right now i find the wheel killing my wrists down the pits and at low speeds in general.
  3. TLR FlocKz

    Project Cars 2 Help

    I was in a league race today and i had an incident in quilifying that caused me to spin out and when i tried to get going again the engine juat wouldn't start, i tried everything like putting the clutch in bit still, it didn't work. This happened in the race and the same thing happened and i had...