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  1. Charlie9000

    Watkins Glen LMP1 Lap 27

    Date: 13/04/2019 Members Involved: @Charlie9000 and @Roberte Lap & Corner: Lap 27 + T1. (For Roberte, 26 for me) 58:55 in the broadcast. Description: I make a move up the inside, cleanly, Roberte is all 4 wheels off the track and decides to make a dangerous attempt to rejoin, rather than...
  2. Charlie9000

    FR3.5 R3: Donnington

    Date: 18/01/19 Members Involved: @MatteAce & me Lap & Corner: Not sure. Broadcast timestamp: , Chicane Description: Matteo whilst a lap down, goes off-line very late on the straight, lets Rene past (Whilst Matteo is blinking the whole time) but then doesn't slow down enough to let me through...