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  1. Bauwie

    Resolved Change username

    Hi, It's been a while since i've been here, and since then I have changed my username/different ps4 account. If possible i would like it to be changed to "Bauwie" , just clean and simple! Thanks in advance guys! Cheers, Bauwie
  2. Bauwie

    Endurance league on PS4

    Since i love the multi-class themed racing, i was wondering something... I see that there is a league on PC, theres a league on XB1, why not one on PS4! Pretty much like the other leagues, but then, like i said, for PS4. So for instance have 2 LMP1 cars to choose and 2 or 3 GT3 cars?! Please...
  3. Bauwie

    Resolved Requesting name change

    Hi! Just wondering, could my name be changed to AOR_Maldonado? It'll match my gamertag then ;) Thanks in advance! ~(for now) Bauwie-050
  4. Bauwie

    PS4 When does GT3 Champ Season 6 start

    Hey peeps, Im new here and i really want to join the championship i just saw on the website that season 5 just ended? Is that right? Either yes or no, i really want to join it! If anybody could help me that'd be great! Thx ~Bauwie-050