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  1. BDG_Geo

    PS4 Yeeet Bombed From Ten Miles Away :/

    PS4 Project Cars 2 GT3 tier 3 Involving @siddharth953 + @BDG_Geo Cods: @Michel--NL + @YabbaTheHutt Lap 4 and for no reason whatsoever i was T-Boned from the side causing me little damage and ruining my race after having my best quali yet..its hard enough as it is in those kind of conditions...
  2. BDG_Geo

    Resolved Forum name change please. like to change my AOR forum name to BDG_Geo My steam name and psn name is still the same as it was.i only need my forum name changed please ?thanks for your time :)
  3. BDG_Geo

    PS4 Malicious and delibrate slamming of the door!

    PS4 A3 F1 league 21-APR-2019 @Bahrain Members involved- @Szmitski @Geo going into turn 1 i backed off massively due to being unsure if i was able to overtake or push on the inside.the ferrari knew i was there as i heard him say in his footage in another enquiry that "Geo's backed off big...