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  1. caddiedamus

    PS4 Round 20 - Brazilian Grand Prix - AOR Hype Energy North American F1 Leagues - Season 1

    I probably won’t make it back in time for the race, so count me out for tomorrow.
  2. caddiedamus

    PS4 AOR PS4 NA F1 League - Season 1 Main Thread

    I added him and added him to the group
  3. caddiedamus

    PS4 AOR PS4 NA F1 League - Season 1 Car and Number Selection Thread

    Cars 1. Red Bull 2. Sauber 3. Renault 4. McLaren 5. Ferrari Number 1. 4 2. 42 3. 19
  4. caddiedamus

    PS4 AOR PS4 NA F1 League - Season 1 Driver Introduction Thread

    Greetings everyone. My names Scott, PSN is caddiedamus, older than I’d like to admit. I live on St Simons Island, Ga. I use the controller to race since I broke my wheel. I raced in F8 in season 14, good to see a couple familiar faces Jason007 and Seca. I was lucky enough to accomplish my...
  5. caddiedamus

    AOR America F1 2018 Leagues - Sign Up Thread - Season 1

    ● Gamertag: caddiedamus ● Platform: PS4 ● Nationality: American ● Assists used: none ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Are you committed to completing the whole season as an active member of the league? Yes ● Did you race last season? Yes season 14 ● Speedtest result:
  6. caddiedamus

    AORHYPE F1 Leagues - Season 16 Announcement & Interest Thread

    Which platform do you race on? PS4 Which region are you based in? America Would you sign up to league racing on F1 2018 based on what you've seen of the game so far? Yes Which assist settings are you aiming to use for F1 2018? None What is the earliest & latest Sunday start time that you would...
  7. caddiedamus

    PS4 Season 14 - Final Thoughts and Season Recap

    I can’t believe how quick this season went. I remember Australia like it was yesterday, somehow qualified 3rd, actually lead some legitimate laps for a bit. Then it all went to hell. When I started I was using auto gears and a racing line, but after that first race I switched to manual and...
  8. caddiedamus

    PS4 Round 17 - United States Grand Prix - Sunday 25th February 2018 -[8:00pm (UK time)]

    First race with the wheel didn’t go as planned. Snap of oversteer got me in the double right hander and thankfully ended my race as I was struggling to keep the car on the track. Congrats to who ever won that race, the most bizarre final 2 laps I’ve ever watched.
  9. caddiedamus

    PS4 Round 16 Japanese Grand Prix (18th February 8pm)

    I’m not going to be able to make this weeks race due to work
  10. caddiedamus

    PS4 Round 14 - Singapore Grand Prix - Sunday 28th January 2018 -[8:00pm (UK time)]

    Might not be able to make the race tomorrow, I have to work and it’s going to be tight.
  11. caddiedamus

    PS4 Round 11 - Hungarian Grand Prix - 7th January

    My highlights or highlights of being passed as I like to call it
  12. caddiedamus

    PS4 Round 8 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix

    Can’t make it the day
  13. caddiedamus

    PS4 Round 8 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix

    Unsure if I’ll be able to make it due to work. I unfortunately won’t know until tomorrow.
  14. caddiedamus

    PS4 Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix

    Unfortunately I will be unable to make this weeks race due to work. Best of luck everyone I will try to watch the stream.
  15. caddiedamus

    PS4 Round 3 - Bahrain Grand Prix

    Man we had a good battle going for those last 8 laps. We kept flipping positions each time one of us would mess up a corner. I have to say I really like how clean our league is for the most part, everyone is being pretty respectful of each other and leaving space. Let’s hope that continues...
  16. caddiedamus

    PS4 AOR PS4 F8 League - Car and Number Selection Thread

    I'm fine with Williams I'm fine with Williams