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  1. Latsero

    rF2 F1 S3 Turkey Baxter blocking

    League: AOR rF2 S3 League Coordinator: @Craig Baxter Date: 15/6/19 Members Involved: Me, Craig Dear Stewards and AOR Admins, Co-ordinateurs, I am writing to this place because I would like to speak up about a huge issue that took place during Q2. As you can see from the footage below, I was...
  2. Latsero

    PC F3 Unfair Penalty

    Platform + League: PC F4 League Coordinator: @Hooper Date: 28/4/19 Members Involved: @Latsero Description: On lap 17, I cut the T14 Hairpin slightly, which resulted in me getting a 5 Second Stop-Go penalty, when it should've been just a warning Evidence: Videos: T14(Where I cut) Lap 17...
  3. Latsero

    rF2 F1 Season 3 - AUS - Dangerous Rejoin

    League: rF2 F1 Season 3 League Coordinator: @Sam Carpenter Date: 20/4/19 Members Involved: Me, @Scott Davison Description: On lap 10, Davison had lost his front wing, went wide at turn 11 and re joined onto the racing line after the apex of turn 12, where I was quickly approaching, and...
  4. Latsero

    Resolved Username Change

    Can you change my current username Alfie/Latsero to Latsero please
  5. Latsero

    PC F2 Monza Lap 4 Turn 1 Incident (Race 2)

    Platform + League: PC F1 2017 F2 League Coordinator: @koldo Date: 20/1/18 Members Involved: @Detainable @Alfie/Latsero Description: Detainable was defending from ACR Timp into turn 1 on lap 4 when Detainable out broke him self and ended up going into my rear right tyre while i was starting to...