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  1. TheCaptain

    XB1 Oceanic F2 Formation Lap

    I only tagged you as you were in the area, you may have seen as well who caused it all
  2. TheCaptain

    XB1 Oceanic F2 Formation Lap

    Platform + League: XB1 - AOR F2 Oceanic League Coordinator: @HG Gamer Date: 2/06/2019 Members Involved: Numerous people including @Matthew.sfh, @panash75 Description: This happens all the time and was worse on Sunday night. Nobody has any respect in the formation lap. It is quite clear in the...
  3. TheCaptain

    XB1 Oceanic F2 Qualifying Incident

    Platform + League: XB1 - AOR F2 Oceanic League Coordinator: @HG Gamer Date: 2/06/2019 Members Involved: @Penske17 Description: Qualifying and I am on a flying lap. Penske is ahead and makes a mistake heading out of Ascari, which causes him to hit the wall and bounce back into the track, right...
  4. TheCaptain

    XB1 F2 Oceanic Incident

    Platform + League: XB1 Oceanic F2 League Coordinator: @RoscoArm @HG Gamer Date: 12/05/2019 Members Involved: @TheCaptain @Benny F1 Description: Lap 7, and as the video will show, coming out of Aintree, Benny F1 moves off the racing line heading down the Wellington Straight, and I am clearly...
  5. TheCaptain

    XB1 Round 3 - Chinese Grand Prix [28/04/19 8:00pm AEST]

    I will again, sadly, be absent from this round due to work commitments. I am endeavoring to be back for Round 4 and for the remainder of the season. Best of luck to everyone racing, wish I was there! :)
  6. TheCaptain

    XB1 Round 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix [21/04/19 8:00pm AEST]

    I don’t think we’d get many wanting to race at 5am on a Monday morning... I’m also seriously at the moment, not available due to work commitments as this weekend I won’t be finishing work until 8:30pm, so I’m not home until well after the race concludes. If this changes, I’ll let you know.
  7. TheCaptain

    XB1 AOR S17 XB1 Oceania F2 League - Car and Number Selection Thread

    Mercedes Red Bull Williams Renault McLaren Preferred Number: 89 Preferred Teammate: Fryzeee92
  8. TheCaptain

    XB1 AOR S17 XB1 Oceania F2 League - Driver Introduction Thread

    Most people know me, but I’m CaptainFarrar89, better known as Leam Mark. I live in Western Sydney, Australia and am 29 years old (30 in June). I work for the state government on the railways, so my work hours are quite crazy and all over the place, so there are times when I can not race due to...
  9. TheCaptain

    XB1 Pre season Testing

    I'd love to get involved in a couple of these. I'm not working at all this weekend, so anytime is good for me and I'd love to join in multiple lobbies and get a bit more practice in racing online again, it's been a while. I might be dog slow but as they say.... practice makes perfect!
  10. TheCaptain

    AOR Oceania F1 2018 Leagues - Time Trial Event - Season 4

    For my sign up ( Time trial screenshots are attached.
  11. TheCaptain

    AOR Oceania F1 2018 Leagues - Sign Up Thread - Season 4

    ● Gamertag: CaptainFarrar89 ● Platform: XB1 ● Nationality: Australian ● Assists used: TC (Med), ABS, RL (Corners Only) ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Are you committed to completing the whole season as an active member of the league? Yes. I will add here that at the moment...
  12. TheCaptain

    AORHYPE F1 Leagues - Season 16 Announcement & Interest Thread

    Which platform do you race on? XB1 Which region are you based in? Oceanic Would you sign up to league racing on F1 2018 based on what you've seen of the game so far? Yes, at the moment. My sign up will depend on tiers and whether I can be competitive. What is the earliest & latest Sunday start...
  13. TheCaptain

    AOR Rally - Rookie Tier - Placements & Car Selection Thread

    I agree to comply with Coördinator's constructions: YEs Car Selection: Subaru WRX STI NR4 I've had some issues with my disc of late not reading through the Xbox, so I'm hoping to get the digital download of the game this weekend. I'm still interested in being involved.
  14. TheCaptain

    XB1 F2 Oceanic Racing Incident Between R8K714 & CaptainFarrar89

    Platform + League: XB1 F2 Oceanic League Coordinator: @RoscoArm Date: 3 June 2018 Members Involved: @R8K714 @TheCaptain Description: I'm putting this in on both of our behalfs. Lap 1, and after some chaotic scenes, heading towards the back part of the circuit, I am sitting in P9, with R8K714...
  15. TheCaptain

    XB1 XB1 Oceania F2 RD 7 Hungary Incident with TheSly666 and CaptainFarrar89

    I will say that I was not aware in any way that you were on a flying lap. The game never said anything. I (and I can have both Williams confirm this) that at the time in question, I made the call to go out on one final lap to attempt to get a faster lap, so I had made the call that I would go...
  16. TheCaptain

    XB1 Oceanica F2 - Once Again, Pushed Out Of The Way

    Platform + League: XB1 Oceanic F2 League Coordinator: @RoscoArm Date: 27 May 2018 Members Involved: @TheCaptain (Me) & @SpagBol31 Description: Once again, I am being pushed out of the way by another driver in the lobby for no reason. This is getting beyond a joke and I am getting annoyed at it...
  17. TheCaptain

    AOR DiRT 4 Rally Season 3 - Sign-Up Thread [CLOSED]

    Do you understand the league regulations: Yes Gamertag: @CaptainFarrar89 Nationality: Australian
  18. TheCaptain

    AOR DiRT 4 Classic Event - Week 1

    I was able to get in. Thanks so very much!
  19. TheCaptain

    AOR DiRT 4 Classic Event - Week 1

    Awesome! Appreciate the quick response. Once the redirect issue is sorted, I'll be joining! I really like playing DiRT 4
  20. TheCaptain

    AOR DiRT 4 Classic Event - Week 1

    A couple of questions. Firstly, looks awesome and I'd love to be involved so wondering if Aussies can get involved and secondly... I have tried the link and it just sends me to the main DiRT 4 home page...