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  1. Joshua Suttill

    POLL- Strict VS Normal Rules

    Right, as everyone knows there has been a fair bit of controversy over using strict rules in Season 11. I feel there may been some misconceptions that everyone wants to go back to normal rules. Therefore, I decided to create a poll for GP2 drivers ONLY. This is simply just to gauge the drivers...
  2. Joshua Suttill

    XB1 12/04 8pm Australia Practise Race

    This test race has 2 main purposes A) An opportunity for people to practise for the first round of season 11! B) To see if people are in the right leagues Drivers that are signed up for season 11 will have priority, however other drivers are also welcomed if we don't have a full grid. F1 2015...
  3. Joshua Suttill

    Season Reviews + Driver Of The Season

    Would be cool if below you guys could post your review of the AOR F5 season :) Also, please vote on who you think was the driver of the season! The poll only allows me to select a limited amount of drivers so i discounted drivers who left the championship.
  4. Joshua Suttill

    F5 Xbox Austria Unfair Penalty Removal

    Platform + League: Xbox F5 Date: 11/01/2015 Members Involved: @Rekza Revole @Ex Crim Description: 2 unfair penalty's that in my opinion need to be removed. Pen 1) I went for the move, yes i admit it was aggressive, but i had the inside line. i knew there was a chance the incident was my fault...
  5. Joshua Suttill

    Mattralfs Xbox F5 Poor Driving

    Platform + League: Xbox F5 Date: 11/01/2015 Members Involved: @mattralfs Description: Mattralfs driving is unacceptable, punishment or removal from league may be needed. Many drivers in F5 agree. Evidence:
  6. Joshua Suttill

    Xbox F5- CornerCutting

    Hi guys i recived 3 corner cutting penalities in this weeks AOR and i know that is pretty bad but it is 39 laps on Monaco so i suppose its understandable especially as it isn't AOR F1. Here are my thoughts on the 3 corner cuts 1) Unintentional corner cut would have gained little time 2) Pretty...
  7. Joshua Suttill

    GP2 (IRL) 2015

    Hello Guys! As a massive fan of GP2 i thought i would create this thread as the hub for all your GP2 news,discussions and opinions for the new 2015 Season! Enjoy! Driver and teams so far ( as of 12/04/15) DAMS- Alex Lynn and Pierre Gasly Carlin- Marco Sørensen and Julián Leal ART-...
  8. Joshua Suttill

    X360 [30/10/14] 50% Social Race Italy

    Template: Xbox 360 [ 4.30PM- 30/10/14] 50% @ Monza - Social race for everybody of all ability's who are wanting to a fun and competitive race! Please don't sign up unless less you intend to complete the race. Please Add me on Xbox- SuperJoshy9 If the majority would prefer a different time or...
  9. Joshua Suttill

    F1 2015 Driver Market

    Welcome to a thread all about the F1 2015 driver market, feel free to discuss and make predictions on who will be driving where in 2015!My Predictions Mercedes- Hamilton and Rosberg Red Bull Racing- Ricciardo and Kvyat Ferrari- Vettel and Raikkonen McLaren- K-Mag and Alonso Williams- Massa and...
  10. Joshua Suttill

    Hello Everybody!

    New member of the AOR community with my first post. My name is Josh or some will know me as SmoothRacing from youtube and twitter and i am massive fan of open wheel motorsport aswell as WRC. I support Force India, Sutil, Perez, Sordo, Nasr and many others from various other open wheel...