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  1. EikeSky

    PC Clubman Endurance Dry Run [GT4/LMP3] [17/2/18 7pm GMT]

    For context of this event, please see Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Welcome to the AOR Clubman Endurance. A Cup aimed not at being the fastest, but the most professional set of drivers in AOR. We're going...
  2. EikeSky

    Rookie's Endurance Interest?

    Evening all, So the 2.4 hours of Daytona pointed out 2 things to me as a newcomer to AOR: 1 - There's a LOT of interest in LMP/GT class racing. 2 - There's a massive difference in ability. Even with 2 tiers, the average lap times for the various classes was mad. So maybe there's an opening for...