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  1. xXCasualLukeXx

    Any news on league sign up date for F1 2017 / Social Races Help!!

    Has there been any kind of hint as to when exactly the F1 2017 League sign ups will be up?? I know the interest thread has been up awhile now and it's got loads of interested drivers :') I know it's usually around 10 days after launch when they get put up officially and as we're very close to...
  2. xXCasualLukeXx

    Resolved Username Change

    Request username change From: CasualLuke To: xXCasualLukeXx
  3. xXCasualLukeXx

    Opinions on Neymar to PSG transfer ??

    So guys what everyone's opinion on the transfer of neymar to PSG ?? Personally i think it's a cracking signing for PSG but the transfer free is absolutely ridiculous! and i'm not personally sure french football is were Neymar should of moved if he was gonna leave barca i would of rarther seen...
  4. xXCasualLukeXx

    New member introducing himself :')

    Hi guys only recently joined this site and looking forward to joining you PS4 Players for some Social / League Races My Name is Luke also known as (CasualLuke) My Username awaiting update I'm just your avarage casual gamer usually the only things i play are F1, FIFA & Call of Duty Where are you...
  5. xXCasualLukeXx

    Resolved Username Change Request

    Hi Can i please have my username changed from XX-CORNISHMAN-XX To CasualLuke Thank You!