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  1. Westyy

    PC PC f3 - two incidents.

    Platform + League: PC/F3 League Coordinator: @Ely' Date: 17/12/2017 Members Involved: @JoniJohn Description: First incident he hits me off the track and the second one he dive bombs me which causes me to spin. Evidence: Shows both incidents.
  2. Westyy

    PC R3: Split 2 - China incident.

  3. Westyy

    PC incident with only4win

    Can people please start to learn & use their mirrors/arrows??!? Platform + League: PC & Split 2. League Coordinator: @Thompson Date: 23/04/2017 Members Involved:@only4win Description: well. I was on his inside & he turned in without even checking if anyone is there. Evidence: Photos/Videos...
  4. Westyy

    PC [19/04 20:00 BST] 50% Australia

    (credits to RyanL83 for the thread layout, I'm too lazy) Lobby Settings Host: @Westyy Qualifying: Short Distance: 50% Weather: Dynamic Safety Car: Off Damage: Full Corner Cutting: Strict Formation Lap: On Time of Day: Official Starts at 8PM UK Time. NOTE: You must add me in-order to be invited...
  5. Westyy

    PC Split 2 - Incident with Maffus

    Platform + League: PC Split 2 League Coordinator: @Beyond Date: 08/01/2017 Members Involved: @Maffus Description: he came up on my inside, i left him plenty of room, upon the corner exit he left me no room which lead to us colliding. Evidence goto 13:00 minutes.
  6. Westyy

    F1 2016 Career mode & more Videos!

    Hey, I've just started youtube and thought I'd share my channel. It would be highly appreciated if you check it out :), thank you.
  7. Westyy

    PC 50% Hungary (31/12/16 7:30PM GMT)

    Lobby Settings: Host: Westyy Qualifying: Short Distance: 50% Weather: Custom Safety Car: Off Damage: Reduced Corner Cutting: Strict Formation Lap: On Time of Day: Official Starts at 7:30 PM UK Time. Normal AOR Rules apply Notes: Please be mindful of the Fact that this is a social, and the Rules...