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  1. Erkka Lindstrom

    Mosport lap1 crash

    Date: Mosport round 5 feature race Members Involved: Alexis Fedorim, Erkka Lindström, few other drivers.. Lap & Corner: Lap1 t5 Description: Alexis drived to the hairpin too fast considering it was lap1. Tyres not in optimal temps yet and i loosed rear i bit, then saw him coming very fast behind...
  2. Erkka Lindstrom

    Broadcast season 3?

    Hi! is there any news about broadcast to this new season?
  3. Erkka Lindstrom

    Laguna Seca - feature race lap 1 t2

    Date: 30/11/2018 Members Involved: Tom Edwards, many cars... Lap & Corner: Feature race lap1 - t2 Description: Tom knock multiple cars out of race. He was driving inside line, then braked late and just loosed the car. He collected multiple cars to the grass. This wasn't the first time he causes...
  4. Erkka Lindstrom

    Livery thread season 11

    Show you're livery here. Some new teams and changes has been happened, would be nice to see all new one's before season starts ;)
  5. Erkka Lindstrom

    Broadcast and donations?

    Hey all! Just wondering here about broadcast and possible donations needed in season 10? Im sure everybody wants broadcasts to continue! :) ADMIN EDIT: See this post for latest update regarding broadcasting & donations!