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  1. Bad-Boy-1-9-9-1

    PS4 F4 - Incidents between Teammates

    Platform + League: PS4 League Coordinator: @DON SILVA Date: 6. August 2017 Members Involved: @Donks & Me Description: in turn 1 I tried to overtake Donks but I brake a little bit late. He overtook me and I was behind him. Before the end of sector 1, Donks didn't throttle and I hit him behind...
  2. Bad-Boy-1-9-9-1

    PS4 Bahrain GP yellow flag

    Platform + League: AOR PS4 F1 2015 - Mini Season 1 League Coordinator: @Andrei Codreanu Date: 22.11.2015 Members Involved: @Nico @Bad-Boy-1-9-9-1 Description: Was given me a 5 sec penalty for overtaking under yellow flag. Evidence: