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  1. Astrit Arsllani

    Tier 2 Racers!

    So since i need to host the lobby for us at tier 2 can you guys go to this link and join,i am creating a group in steam and i will add you all to that grouup and it would make my life easier to then invite you to the lobby the night we are racing. Thank You all! LMP2 @Steve7 @Vincitor...
  2. Astrit Arsllani

    PC Round 6 - Lap 9 - closed - NFA

    Platform + League: PC + Assetto Corsa League Season 3 League Coordinator: @AndrexUK @Noztra @Mazy CZ Date: 17/07/2017 Members Involved: @hinesy32 @Astrit Arsllani Description: After Cobs corner he had a better run and tried to pass me but he did so by running in too me and putting me in the...