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  1. Chicane

    PC Split 1: Contact and spin with Springer

    Platform + League: PC Split 1 League Coordinator: @FisiFan91 @Marco FD Date: 6th of august 2017 Members Involved: @Chicane @SprinGeR Description: Springer was very early on the brakes in turn 1, so I went for the huge gap on the inside. I had my front wheels beyond his rear wheels (with...
  2. Chicane

    PC Split 1: penalty removal request

    Platform + League: PC Split 1 League Coordinator: @FisiFan91 @Marco FD Date: august 6th 2017 Members Involved: Chicane Description: Not that I will end up in the points, but for the purpose of looking better at @Nukka 's wall of shame :D, I request the removal of the 10 second time penalty I...
  3. Chicane

    PC Split 1: Forcing another driver off the track/moving under braking

    Platform + League: PC Split 1 League Coordinator: @FisiFan91 Date: 29 January 2017 Members Involved: @Chicane @thelol12 Description: I pretty much explained it in the vid. Basically in my opinion @thelol12 changes his line twice. With the 2nd change he forced me to move over to the grass...
  4. Chicane

    PC Split 3 Singapore - collision with Scotchtape

    Platform + League: PC Split 3 League Coordinator: AJ Date: March 1st 2015 Members Involved: Chicane and Scotchtape (and as a result James) Description: When entering turn 7, I got a big hit from Scotchtape, and due to the extra speed, I drove into James and damaged my front wing, forcing me to...
  5. Chicane

    PC Split 2 Hungary - penalty removal

    Platform + League: PC split 2 Date: June 29 2014 Members Involved: Chicane and ChazmR Description: On fresh option tyres (so had to push), I went for the inside in turn 4. ChazmR, who was on older primes, left the door open so I went for it, but ChazmR still went for the apex, even though I had...
  6. Chicane

    PC - Split 2 - China - 2 incidents

    Platform + League: PC - Split 2 Date: 11-05-14 Members Involved: Chicane and Mateusz Description: Mateusz pushed me wide very softly in turn 1, so I was pushed away from the racing line and I was compromised for the entry to the following lefthander, giving him the opportunity to pass. This...