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  1. Corbs

    Gte R10

    Date:19/08 Members Involved: myself & @Walter---79 Lap & Corner: Lap 2 turn 7 Description: Robin self spun as he came through turn 7 and as he bounced off the wall he didn't hold his brakes so he rolled across the track forcing me off the track in avoidance causing the following accident...
  2. Corbs

    Gte Round 7 Blocking

    Date:29/07/19 Members Involved: @Rin Hato @Ycoms & @Corbs Lap & Corner: L40 T9 & 10 Description: Sara and christoph manipulate there lines through the carusel to prevent me from attacking sara through the carusel. she went to the apex after i looked and then drove super slowly as chris drove...
  3. Corbs

    GTE League Round 1 Pro/Am Quali

    Date: June, 17th Members Involved: Myself & @Walter---79 Description: Overtakes me after the no overtaking point in Quali as i'm trying to build a gap to the car ahead resulting in my lap being ruined as we're all too close together
  4. Corbs

    GTE round 6: Sebring Qualifying

    Date: 22.04.19 Members Involved: Myself and @Asger8907 Lap & Corner: Qualifying turn 16, my lap 8 Description: Asger lost the rear coming out of turn 16 and rather than hold the brakes let his car roll back across the race track into my path taking me out and ruining the better lap that i was...