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    AOR Community All-Stars

    It is probably to late in the planning process for this, but I have had an idea: How about the Top 5 drivers in Season 16 on each platform which are not registered to a team (and can make the race nights) form together as the AOR Community All-Stars. If they are set in place approximately a week...
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    Automobilista Interest Thread

    Someone mentioned it yesterday, so I've created an interest thread. If you are interested,please select ALL the days of the week that you can compete on,although the league would be unlikely to happen on a Sunday.
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    XB1 Endurance League(last attempt to get one running by me for the foreseeable future)

    Hi all. As I said above this will be my last, albeit hopefully successful, attempt to organise a Endurance League on PC2. Races would be held on the first Saturday of each month,with one race every month from November to April. To try and get interest, please vote for what you would like to...
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    PC LMP3/GT4 at Donington Park GP(01/10/18)

    This will be a social race featuring the LMP3 and GT4 cars in-game. Real Time Rime: 20:00 BST In-Game Life Date Time and Weather: Qualifying: 10:00 01/20/18 Medium Cloud Race One: 12:00 01/10/18 Heavy Cloud Race Two: 14:00 01/10/18 Light Cloud Track: Donington Park GP Eligible Cars: LMP3 and...
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    I doubt this will happen but worth suggesting,particularly for Endurance Leagues. The ACO has its P-G-S-B system so we adopt that,or similar,for any drivers wishing to do the Endurance League. My idea is: Drivers are assigned a ranking using previous race results."R" for Rookies.(I'll explain...
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    AOR GT3 North America Interest Thread

    If you would be interested in competing in AOR GT3 in a North America Timezone please reply to this thread and vote on the poll. Once we have 8+ people interested on a platform I will then set up a couple of social events to be ran at the time the league would be ran to prove people are...
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    PC ACC Time Trial Competition

    As,until 14th November 2018,ACC features no form of multiplayer,to add some competition into the beta may I introduce the Time Trial competition. HOW IT WORKS Anyone who wants to compete will set a lap time,in any game mode,in the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 at Nurburgring GP. As of the 19th...
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    XB1 One Year of PC2 Fun Night(22/09/18)

    To celebrate one year of PC2 how about an enjoyable evening where we can do a few 5 lap races(maybe reduced if someone wants to do Nordshleife). The idea is that whoever hosts initially(host can change throufhout)picks the first car/track combo with identical cars.The winner of that picks the...
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    XB1 GT3 Oceania Interest Races(Wednesday 8PM Melbourne Time)

    Hi all.These are a pair of races to see if people are interested in an Oceania region version of the GT3 League.Each race can be signed up to seperately and there will be 3 races,each copying the settings from their counterpart in AOR GT3 Season 10. Race 1 will be at Circuit Of The Americas GP...
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    AOR GT3 Oceania Interest Thread

    Interest Thread for running AOR GT3 in the Oceania region as well.
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    Which series do you follow?

    Quite simple:Which Motorsport and SimRacing Series do you follow? Votes: 2 AOR GT3,F1,DTM,Blancpain GT,WEC 1 Everything Else
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    XB1 Brazilian GP-50%-26/08/18-20:00 Melbourne Time

    This Social Race is exclusively for people from Oceania,or anyone else who competes in the Ocenaia Leagues. Track: Brazil Car: Modern-Equal Performance Race: 50% Qualifying: Short Weather: Dynamic Safety Car: On Formation Lap: On Corner Cutting: Strict Damage: Full Damage Assists: All but...
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    XB1 German GP-50%-26/08/18-20:00 UK Time

    Track: Germany Car Perormance: Equal Race: 50% Qualifying: Short Weather: Dynamic Safety Car: On Formation Lap: On Assists Allowed: All but Braking and Steering Assist Damage: Simulation ENTRIES @Paclik46 - Paclik46 - Scuderia Ferrari To enter please comment your preferred car and Xbox GT...
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    XB1 French GP-50%-25/08/18-20:00 UK Time

    Hi all. Thought this would interest people.New Track+New Game+Day After Launch=Interest. Track: France Race: 50% Qualifying: Short Weather: Dynamic Safety Car: On Formation Lap: On Damage: Simulation Assists: All Allowed ENTRIES To enter,please comment your preferred car and Xbox GT. I am...
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    PS4 Season 2 Unofficial Feedback Thread

    Sorry this is a few days late.But to help the Co-Ordinators to improve for future seasons please give your feedback below. Try to address the following points: -What did you like -What didn't you like -What would you want changing -How could this change be implemented Thanks.
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    Season 15 Unofficial Feedback Thread

    Sorry if this has already been made. To help the Co-Ordinators improve the league for the future feel free to discuss what you thought about the season below.Try to make your feedback as useful as possible. You don't have to, but you might want to cover all these points in your feedback: -What...
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    PC What would your ideal calendar have been?

    Being honest, I know that everyone as soon as they saw the calendar got really excited about a few of the tracks, but their were a couple where you thought "I wish it was this instead" or "I hate that place". So what do you wish the calendar have been? Me Personally: 2.4 Daytona 2 Silverstone 2...
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    PC Historic Racing Night(11/08/18)

    I decided to do something a bit different to the usual Communtiy Events. The evening will contain 4 races,with no requirement to compete in all of them, and each featuring a different discipline of Historic racing. Each race will feature a 10 minute qualifying and 15 minute race in clear...
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    XB1 Endurance League Interest Thread

    If the interest is their I will happily organise an Endurance League on Xbox One using the PC League Settings,Format,Calendar etc.The only change would be a reduction to 2 classe, probably LMPH and GTE. Thanks.
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    2018 ale Tour De France

    Correct me if I am mistaken but as their is no general sport thread this is probably the best place to discuss the 2018 Le Tour De France. [I will update with my preview later]