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  1. boxen

    PC PC F6 - Taken out at the start of the race

    Platform + League: PC F6 League Coordinator: @Borderline Date: 2019-06-16 Members Involved: @trumpa94 @boxen Description: After the red light as im about to pass trumpa he steers into me and we both spin out for me resulting in a DNF. Evidence: I'm the mercedes in the back of the grid and...
  2. boxen

    PC F6 - Incident

    Platform + League: F6 PC League Coordinator: @Borderline Date: 2019-04-28 Members Involved: me, @SkyKartoffel @Entity @Maxxyboy12! Description: @Maxxyboy12! lost the rear end coming out of the corner and drifted for a couple of seconds. Hard situation for him to get out of but the sudden break...
  3. boxen

    PC F10 - Penalty Removal

    Platform + League: F10 PC League Coordinator: @TheVerenzak Date: 2019-01-27 Members Involved: @boxen @Sweatu and perhaps POV from @xDerpOG Description: Going into t1, proceeded to get bumped by @Sweatu and couldn't stop in time to avoid the penalty going across t1 and 2. This is just for the...
  4. boxen

    PC F10 China Divebomb

    Platform + League: PC F10 League Coordinator: @TheVerenzak Date: 2018-10-14 Members Involved: @MrPanda-6 @Levingston @TheVerenzak Description: @MrPanda-6 missed the breaking point after going for an overtake on me in the hairpin. Which in return ruined my frontwing and possible damaged one of...
  5. boxen

    PC Wrong race results?

    Platform + League: PC F10 League Coordinator: @TheVerenzak Date: 10/7/2018 Members Involved: @defisparta Description: Wrong ending placement, he was no where to be seen and yet finishes 2nd ahead of me. Entire video speaks for itself, he seemed laggy between placements the entire race. You can...
  6. boxen

    PC PC F10 Blocked in Qualifying.

    Platform + League: PC F10 League Coordinator: @TheVerenzak Date: 30/9/18 Members Involved: Myself & @defisparta Description: I'm doing my hotlap and catch up to @defisparta who seems to be doing his warmup lap to prepare for his hotlap. As I'm about to pass him, he speeds up and then when i'm...