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    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, all that stuff!

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    XB1 Project CARS 2 - IndyCar Road @ Long Beach - 25/09/2017 @ 8PM

    Sorry guys, won't be able to make it tonight :( Have fun and make sure to post what happened here as it will help us coordinators out massively (y)
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    XB1 Project CARS 2 - IndyCar Road @ Long Beach - 25/09/2017 @ 8PM

    Normally I get @Da4thSuspect to do it as he has good internet and knows what he's doing. Can you host tonight?
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    XB1 Project CARS 2 - IndyCar Road @ Long Beach - 25/09/2017 @ 8PM

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡IÑDYÇÀR!!!!!!!!! GT: AOR Kvyat
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    2017 Singapore Grand Prix (15-17/9/2017)

    Hahaha Hamilton only 5th on the grid. What an amateur!
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    Your Best Memories on Pcars 1

    Best memories: 1. Getting my first AOR pole at Laguna Seca in IndyCar Season 2 2. FINALLY getting some podiums on pCARS towards the end of IndyCar Season 2 3. Having a very consistent GT3 season in S7 tying for P5 in the championship Worst memories: 1. Disconnecting from a 10 second lead at...
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    XB1 AOR RallyCross Round 4 - Holjes [03/10/17 - 8PM UK]

    @F1x SPEED @Troyfmcg @Jarmin I have internet issues so won't be able to host our heat. Please could one of you set up the heat lobby and send @Da4thSuspect the results afterwards. Thanks :)
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    XB1 Round 4 Holjes Schedule Thread

    Round 4 - Holjes Schedule Thread AOR RallyCross Season 2 View attachment 26920 Make sure that you are online and ready to participate in all races which you have been assigned to by your league coordinator(s), from 8PM UK time. Also, please ensure that you keep in contact with this thread...
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    F1 2017 - Bug Thread

    I think you will find they have already been updated ;)
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    F1 2017 - Bug Thread

    5 pages of bugs within a week...
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    XB1 PCars Epilogue - Fun Races Night Sat 2/9 & Sun 3/9 @ 8 PM UK Time

    Take these faffs as a token of my appreciation :P
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    XB1 AOR IndyCar League Season 2 - Tier 2 Round 10 Zhuhai FINALE

    I will get round to doing that. Will be out all day tomorrow so everything will be done on Tuesday including results :)
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    AOR Awards 2017 - The Results!

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    XB1 F1 2017 50% Race @ Monaco (Night) - 27/08/2017 - 8:00PM BST

    Yeah so I'm at Silverstone today so I can't race. Make sure everyone gets an invite and have fun (y)
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    AOR Awards 2017 - The Results!