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    PC Round 2 - Chinese Grand Prix [22/04/2018 08:00PM]

    Sorry guys. My internet shut of mid race. Hope you guys had a good race. And sorry for hitting 2 cars in the back. It rained and my tires locked up.
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    PC AOR PC F6 League - Car and Number Selection Thread

    1 red bull 2 mclaren 3 mercedes 4 ferrari 5 torro rosso 1 14# 2 97# 3 50#
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    PC AOR PC F6 League - Driver Introduction Thread

    Hello everyone. I am jelle and im 20 years old. Im dutch. I use the trustmaster t150. Last year i joined the aor league as reserve driver for the last 4 races. And i have raced 2 times in total. I hope to fight for the title but i wil see what is possible after the first race. See you guys in...
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    PC AOR PC F1 2017 Leagues - Main Sign Up Thread - Season 15

    ● Steam Name: Tisjeboyjelle ● Nationality: Dutch ● Assists used: None ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Do you accept that if you are fast enough to be placed in the top 2 leagues you will have to race with no assists? Yes ● Are you committed to completing the whole season as...
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    PC Round 20 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix [18/3/18 8:00pm]

    I can race tonight. Is there a place left for me :)
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    PC Round 18 - Mexican Grand Prix [4/3/18 8:00pm]

    is it possible to join the race. if there are places left
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    PC AOR F1 2017: PC Main Sign Up Thread (Season 14)

    ● Gamertag: tisjeboyjelle ● Nationality: Dutch ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Assists used: Racing line ●Did you complete Season 13? No ● Speedtest result: ● Time Trial screenshots: